My fears were realized today – I have sprained my shoulder.  The doctor at least believes it isn’t any worse than that, range of motion is still good, just some pain.  Luckily, I have some strong anti-inflammatories at home I can use while I refresh the prescription.  I was told to wait about a week, take the a-i twice a day, then check back if I don’t feel better.


So, unfortunately, I have to put upper body on hold for a while.  This means pushups on hold, yoga on hold.  Well, the Vinyasa and Moksha and other flows are out, I might go to a few Yin here and there and just stretch out the legs and hips.  I was signed up for a charity yoga event on Friday, 2.5 hours of Shiva Namaskar flow/sadhana.  Very disappointing to cancel out of that.

I took Tuesday off to just rest and do nothing, but today I decided to at least do some squats.

34 squats, 60 sec rest

40, 60s

34, 60s

34, 60s

49, DONE

Week 4, Day 2, Level 3 of the 200 squat challenge complete, on to Day 3.


Yoga was a big chunk of my cardio, so I will have to start signing up for more Spin classes to keep active.  I hope my IT band stays strong, because my legs have to carry the burn for a while.