When I went into the gym today, I had some lingering nervousness about my shoulder.  It happens sometimes after an injury, you are extra timid about getting back into it.  You worry about whether it’s a good pain or a bad pain.  That lack of confidence affected me.  I lowered the weight on all exercises, but I still feel like I should have been able to push more than I did.

Some chest and biceps today.  Went into the gym right after work, which is always a bad idea, hella busy with people, taking up the benches, chatting away, weights left in random places, hovering over you as you try to lift.  Very annoying.

Bench press was of course totally busy.  So I decided to do more DB presses instead.  Plus I had an evening meeting to go to, so I couldn’t waste any time.  I cut the chest routine short actually to save time, figured I could make it up with pushups later in the week.

DB press with 30 sec rest in between sets

50s for 12, 12

55s for 12, 12

pec dec with 75 pounds

40 slow reps, definite strain on the shoulder

then 13 slow reps, left shoulder was groaning at me, so I stopped it there

biceps – pinwheel curls (hammer curls across the body)

70s for 2 sets of 5 (each arm), 60 sec rest in between

seated alternating twisting DB curls

50s 2 sets of 9, 10 (disappointed in this)

went to the bicep curl machine

70 pounds, slow set of 40 reps

Then took my joints through range of motion for a minute, then 2 sets of 5 kneeling fingerpad pushups.  Then 2 sets of 10 eagle claws.  Then I went to go hang from the chinup bar (grip work)

hung for maybe 15 seconds, then hung again for 13 seconds, then hung again for 10 seconds, then for 7 seconds

not happy with that.

Then I did an L-Sit off the Roman Chair for about 30 seconds (there was a guy in it so I asked if I could sub in, he admitted he was just having a nap, ROFL), then did a short bridge for 30 sec, then a couple of seated twists for 30 sec each.

Then I got on the arc trainer for 30 min, resistance of 60, incline of 5.