Wanted to do back this morning, but woke up and wanted to go back to sleep, haha.  “I’ll just do it after work” always sounds great at 5 in the morning, but when its 5 in the afternoon and the gym is packed, you think “I am a moron”.

I actually worked at my job a little late, and got to the gym about 5 pm, and the gym was busy, so I thought, hmmm, spin class in 15 min…

So I just did some assisted chinups while I waited.

5 widegrip

7 closegrip (so close to 8!  arghhh)

4 hammergrip

I had thought hammer would be the easiest for me, but it seems not, oh well.  I intentionally went from the traditionally hardest grip to easiest, so maybe I was just tired.

My shoulder was rather faded after that.  So I headed to Spin class.  And even there I could feel my left shoulder a lot when I was leaning forward on the bars.

One hour class, I liked it.  We did some climbs, some jumps, long endurance races, some hamstring work.  All in all, it was a good flush for my tired legs from yesterday.  We even got in some “tabata” at the end, fancy Japanese word for HIIT.  It was right at the end, 1 cycle of 6 repetitions at a 2:1 ratio.

For those less familiar, that means we went all out for 20 seconds, just race it out like your butt is on fire but with tension cranked as high as you can bring it, then lower tension for 10 seconds, then all out, etc, do that 6 times.  2:1 is an aggressive ratio for first timers, I wonder what the newbies thought of it.  It was funny, at first she suggested 8 repetitions, then someone groaned really hard, so she lowered it to 6, haha.

Group classes are great when your enthusiasm is waning like mine was the past few days.  I do like working out at home, for sure, but something about group cardio just gets me going, I can feed off the energy of the guide, the energy of my neighbor, etc.  It reminds me how much I miss the yoga studio.

The spin teacher was actually teaching a yoga class right after, but my shoulder was groaning at me, so I packed it in.

Still, a good evening!  A good group class was just what I needed.