I had been away from the gym for 2 days, it felt like forever.

Tried to get up early Tuesday morning, managed to convince myself to sleep in a little, haha.

Made it to the gym before work though.  chest & biceps

bench press 45×8, 95×8, 145×8, 155×5, 155×5, 155×5, 155×5

dumbbell flat press 60×12, 60×12

pushups (60 sec rest) 15, 17, 17, 20, 19

pec deck 90×25

hammer curls across the body 75×5, 75×5

seated alternating twisting dumbbell curls 50×12, 50×12

bicep curl machine  80×40 (burn set)


notes:  first time doing bench press since my shoulder got hurt, I am happy with it as a start.  For the pushups I realized I was doing less than I should be for the pushup challenge, so I stacked more towards the end to compensate for total numbers.  Week 5 Day 1 Level 1 complete.  My left shoulder was aching during the pec deck, so I cut it short.  I am happy the twisting curls went better than they did last week!  Biceps had a decent pump going after the last set, so I made sure to take a drink from the water bottle when the ladies walked by, so I could flex the biceps, HAHA.

I wanted to do grip work and some cardio next, but I had to head into work early so I could prep for a meeting, so I had to split. Maybe tomorrow.