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I ran out of work like my butt was on fire!

I made it to the yoga studio for a 5:30 pm, 75 min “mix” class.  What the mix part means is the teacher has a little more free range to vary up the routine to his or her wishes.  I was also excited because I had not seen this teacher in a few months!  So on with the show.


We did not do full sun salutations at the start to warm up, sort of half ones with the forward folds and back bends.  I was happy since this meant my shoulders got a bit of an early rest.

My back feels both tight and flexible these past few months, like I haven’t done back bends in a while, but when I do them, I have the sneaking suspicion I can probably go much farther now than I could a year ago.  It feels like I am on the precipice of something good, and I am looking forward to it!  It is the same excitement I felt when I realized I could touch my head to my feet in Cobbler’s Pose.  Sometimes the flexibility and bendiness comes in waves like that – you just realize “I can go further”, like yesterday it wasn’t possible and today it IS.

Side bends always make me feel bad because I look at the mirror and it’s like “hey there, gut hanging out of shirt”.  It’s the same distinct lack of pride I feel during Warrior 2 when I look at my profile in the mirror and get the profile of my gut.  I’m a man who hasn’t restricted himself, and the evidence is there, hahaha.  Let’s just leave it at that.  But the pure range of motion in my side bends has also much improved over the past year.

In other ways, my flexibility has gotten worse, not always for bad reasons.  My chest and arms are a little bigger than a year ago, and so where eagle arms used to be easier, it has gotten harder just for the raw amounts of meat in the way.  I don’t know if that will change, and don’t know if I care.  Even if my eagle arms look different from everyone else’s, it ain’t always about how you look when you do yoga, but what you’re doing, and how it fits your own body.  I won’t let that be an excuse though for trying to trim the gut down so it doesn’t get in the way of things like Shoelace, haha.

Speaking of Warrior, the lack of Sun Salutations at the start meant my shoulders were ready to be suspended in the air for what feels like ETERNITY, during the Warrior sequences.  So that was good.

Crescent lunges, Warrior 1, both came with backbends, my back was happy for the stretch.

Warrior 2 to exalted warrior to bent leg triangle.  Eagle to kind of a leaning over star thing (I am sure there is a fancy name for it) to toppling tree to half moon.  Haven’t done half moon in what feels like forever!  Looking forward to more of those.


It is nice to see the teacher string together the moves in different ways.  Whether the sequences were her own idea or not, it exposes their preferences and  goals and style.  This particular teacher has had her license for about a year, so I suspect she is now cementing her own (at least initial) style, and her chosen “mix” becomes a sort of early thumbprint.  It’s like watching someone pick their own choreography for the big dance.

Or maybe I am overthinking it 🙂


Floor series was abdominal work absent.  Hurrah!  I did abs yesterday.  Back work, some core work, some floor twists, some neck stretches, and then time to rest.

I sweat way more than Saturday!  It might have been the variety in the sequences, or just my own growing enthusiasm to be back with my homebase studio, with my homegirl teachers 🙂


I feel so energized it will be hard getting to sleep tonight!  Even 4 hours later I am still quite upbeat.  Maybe I will go listen to Walking on Sunshine, hahaha.


So I changed the workout routine again.  While I like the rest-pause stuff, it was too much for my back, and left me super sore for days.  I need something that will let me keep doing yoga, not bedridden.  So I opted for a routine more spread out, less volume, and should leave me able to juggle other stuff.

I will try this out:  4 days a week, 2 days of chest, back, shoulders, abs, and 2 days of arms and legs.  Let’s see how it goes!

Part of it also is I am going to play around with my diet a bit.  My diet has been pretty shabby for weeks now, I haven’t been eating clean.  Too much junk food and too much in general.  So the new routine comes with a new diet, one that should give me slightly more carbs, and less reason to want to cheat after a grueling workout.

But I need to go grocery shopping before I put this diet in motion, so for now it’s just the workout and leftovers!  On with the workout!


(rest times of about a minute between sets)

DB shoulder press:  warm up set; 40 lbs X 8, 8, 8

incline DB press, hammer grip:  warm up; 35 lbs X 8, 8, 8

DB flat press:  80 lbs X 8, 8, 8

1 hand DB row:  warm up, 70 lbs X 8, 8, 8

lat pulldowns widegrip:  warm up, 165 X 8

assisted widegrip pullups:  8, 5

DB shrugs:  85 lbs X 8, 8, 8

Abs:  2 X 15 bent leg raises, frog leg raises 10, 10, 11


notes:  so the gym was super packed after work!  I wanted to do the incline press first, but all the incline benches were busy, so I did shoulder press first instead.  Sure enough, the gym was packed with people only half-trying.  They do a set or two then disappear.  So wait 5 min and they are long gone.

Both shoulder press and incline press are still weak points for me as I rehab my shoulder, so they overall functioned as a good warmup for the DB bench press.  For some reason I had myself psyched out in my mind that 80 lbs is too heavy a dumbbell for me to be pressing, but once I engaged my pecs, they just pushed it up.  I had to concentrate, but I wouldn’t call it as even close to being too hard.  I was so happy!  Sometimes it is easy to psyche yourself out in the gym, but you have to at least try.  To my absolute pleasure, my muscles were there to support me.

By the time I moved on to the back stuff, I realized how sore my back was.  1 H rows felt grueling, I was sweating a lot.  I wanted to do pullups after rows, but the chinup assist was busy, so I did one set of lat pulldowns, and then it was free, otherwise I would do all 3 sets on the chinup bar.  My back was tired, it wasn’t ready to do a lot of pullups.

Then some ab work.  I quickly found out that I haven’t worked my abs much lately, as they were weaker than I remember them.  Bent leg raises should have been very easy, but felt draining.  Then frog raises.  For those who don’t know, a frog raise is when your leg is bent on the way up, then straight on the way down.  It is an intermediary step on the way to straight leg raises.  I wanted to do 3 sets of 25 frog raises, but that for sure was not happening today, lol.

I skipped cardio, as I know what’s coming tomorrow…


more hot yoga.

Hot yoga day

Well, not the whole day.  But it did set the tone for the day.


After hurting my shoulder in early April, I had not been back to hot yoga.  I had tried out a free yoga class at the gym, but had not been back to my studio, meaning a committed yoga studio that I pay membership fees for (they only do hot yoga – the Bikram offshoot that call themselves Moksha).

But I needed to go back.  I slept in too much to make the 8 am class, but I made it in for the 10 am class, a little nervous, but feeling very stubborn.  Showing up is most of the work already done, right?

The teacher and I were on a first name basis, so I discussed my shoulder and told her it was mostly ready to go.  I just might feel my way through the first few chaturanga’s, and downward dog might tire me out more than usual.  In my head I was also thinking it’s been almost 2 months!  I had best approach this with a good deal of humility and self-acceptance.


It was a 90 minute class, 40 degrees celsius, 40 postures, divided into roughly 2/3 standing series (lunges, squats, forward folds, back bends, balance work) and 1/3 floor series (back strength, ab work, hip openers, some last minute vinyasa flows, spinal twists).  The class had a good turnout for Saturday at 10 am, maybe 35 people in the room, at most 20% guys.  Guys seem to turn up more for the evening classes, they don’t dig getting up in the morning on weekends, haha!

It has been almost a year to the day that I first started practising yoga at this studio – I remember thinking a 90 minute class was the longest feeling class in the world!  I wondered how it would feel after the time off, the extended focus and physical commitment, the temperature, the sweat.

And believe me, I sweat.  I am not proud to say this, but people have wiped out and fallen on their butts walking through my pools of sweat before!  I saturate my shirt, the little silver microfibre thing they sell in the fancy stores?  I saturate the second shirt, if I am wearing one, I saturate the yoga towel I put over my rubber mat to keep from slipping… if there is ever a sweating contest at the studio, I have to like my chances.


And then I was lying there, on my mat, before class, in the heat, and all those thoughts melted away.  Like riding a bike, I recommitted to my focus, I started my ujjayi breath, and I forgot about the rest of my day.  There was just HERE, NOW.  I wasn’t even anxious for the class starting in the next 5 minutes, it didn’t feel like pre-class, I was already practising.  I didn’t care about what anyone else looked like (although I did notice some people looked pretty impressive).

I was respectful of myself, I held back when I wanted to observe my energy levels, and went back into it when I felt gathered.  And I thought my breath stayed quite steady, which is the foundation of your physical practice.  My flexibility was a little rusty, my pigeon, seated hero and my seated twist felt like they should have gone further.  I took a couple of breaks during the series of vinyasa flows we did, but squirted out a few more when the rest of the class was resting, so no fear just careful observation.

During the “thread the needle” stretch, I customarily do something I have heard called “dead pigeon” (don’t you love all the names?), but it felt a little too intense for me so I ended up going back to thread the needle, oh well.  Did I mention my legs got tired fast during the squats and lunges?  haha, I need to do more leg work, that made me sad.

I admit by the end, my shoulder was getting fairly tired, and it was starting to make me feel short-tempered, which was a correlation I didn’t recognize when I first sprained my shoulder.  When my shoulder gets tired, it leaves me cranky.  So I pulled back when I would feel irritated, and just observe it, usually in a seiza-style seated position.  I felt going into downward dog or child’s pose wouldn’t let me disengage and rest and observe my shoulder.

And my skin missed the sweat I think, because I was doing more than sweating… I was shedding.  I would look down at my towel, and there would be dead skin!  It was sloughing off my hands I think.  That sounds pretty gross, but it is what it is.  Try and think of it as shedding my old self, like a metamorphosis!  Transforming into a butterfly sounds better than dead skin on my towel, haha.  It was probably off the base of my fingers, I had built up some calluses there from the free weights.


I left the class feeling great, and kept that high all day.  I missed yoga a lot.  It feels good to be back.

A new day for the rest-pause workout!  I got into the gym in the morning, and got ready to wage war on the iron.


row machine (closegrip) 150:  18, 7 = 25/25 reps complete!

deadlift 225×15 (10 min goal):  3/3/3/3/3 = complete!

assisted widegrip pullups:  8,5,4,3,3 = 23/35 reps FAIL

seated alternating twisting DB curls 55s:  7,6,6,4 = 23/25 reps FAIL

curl machine 110:  18, 5, 3 = 26/25 reps complete!

DB shrugs 80s:  20, 15 = 35/35 reps complete!

grip hang:  10 sec, 7 sec, 5 sec


I wanted to do deadlifts first, but all the racks were busy.  But by the time I was done rows, one opened up.  Deadlifts were slightly different than the other exercises, I gave myself 10 min to do 15 reps, with the intention that I will eventually be doing singles.  So a single rep, rest a little bit, then another, etc.  The weight was rather light though, as I wanted to get used to form.  So I ended up doing 3 at a time, and could have done more at once, but I wanted to keep working on the setting up just as much as the execution.

By the time I was done pullups (which went really well for me, I thought), my back was DYING.  My lower back was ready to lock up, so I was glad to sit down for the bicep work.  Energy felt low on biceps, the back stuff really took A LOT out of me today, but I carried on.

The DB curls, I think I held back too much early on.  I wanted to get used to how it felt with the limited rest, and by the time I was at the end, my form was falling off, and I stopped rather than bust out bad form reps.  But since I stopped before my form faltered on the EARLY mini sets, and I was only two reps away at the end, I probably robbed myself a bit.  Oh well, I will get ’em next time.

Shrugs were easy, but I wanted to see how my shoulders would react.  There were no issues with my shoulders, but I could feel my grip falling apart even by the end of the shrugs.  So I knew the hang work would be weak.  And it was – I slipped from palm to fingers WAY too early.  So not a good forearm day, IMO.


I went to work after, and I was DYING all day.  It might have been unwise for me to try out a new back workout BEFORE work, should have done it at the end of the day, haha.  The walk home after work was agonizing… will need lots of sleep.  No cardio, just sleep for me today.

I thought I would try out some new stuff for my routine.  There were a few reasons for this.


I was trying to work with a 4 day split, plus lots of other stuff.  This was too much, and it overwhelmed me, including a sprained shoulder.  If I could take it down to a 3 day split, this potentially leaves me with enough energy to dabble in yoga as I build my endurance back up in my injured part.

I had cut back on legs with weights as my IT band inflammation was the first sign I was doing too much, but when I dropped out of yoga to let my shoulder rest up, my leg work became too sparse.  If I add legs back in, I will need to reduce something else down to make a 3 day split.  I thought I could combine chest, shoulders and triceps, have a back and biceps day, and a legs day.  Not only do I try and get going on my legs again, but taking the weight work on my shoulder down from two days to potentially one, I thought it might be better for my rehab.  (I had been doing a chest and bicep day, and a shoulder and tricep day, but those required me working with my shoulder).


So, a 3 day split.  I saw an interesting routine on the Muscle & Strength website (which I recommend visiting, by the way), by Steve Shaw – called rest-pause training, or “bulldozer training” (his term).  Even though I had been getting good results with the varied rep ranges, I decided to try this rest-pause method.  It would allow for shorter workouts, and give me a chance to work on maintaining my energy.

One of my weaknesses with weights is that my energy drops off fast.  That was a sticking point with biceps for example, where a high rep set would drop off in performance way too fast for my liking.  So with this workout, really short breaks between “sets”, and hopefully I can learn to keep my intensity high and not require a 2 min type break each time.

How does this “bulldozer” work?  Well, you pick a weight and a rep goal, you knock out as many as you can, wait 30 seconds, try and knock out more, rest 30 sec, repeat, etc.  Give yourself 4 or 5 of these mini-sets, and if you hit that rep goal, you win, and go up in weight next week.  Only one of these set clusters needed per exercise, only a few exercises per body part needed!  You work the body part hard, and (the theory is) work your muscle in the amount needed in a shorter period of time.


OK, ENOUGH CHATTER.  workout time.


DB flat press  (75 lb DB, 30 rep goal) 13, 30 sec, 7, 30 sec, 4, 45 sec, 5, 45 sec, 3 = 32!

bench press machine (165, 30 reps)  15, 30 sec, 9, 30, 6 = 30 reps!

DB shoulder press (35 lb DB, 35 reps) 19, 30, 9, 30, 7 = 35 reps!

lateral raises (30 lb DB, 30 reps)  17, 30, 7, 30, 6 = 30 reps!

reverse flys (30 lb DB, 30 reps)  10, 30, 10, 30, 7, 30, 3 = 30 reps!

close grip bench (165, 25 reps) 5, 30, 3, 30, XXX = FAIL

tricep pushdowns (170, 30 reps)  15, 30, 8, 30, 6, 30, 3 = 32 reps!

cardio:  arc trainer – 15 min, 75% resistance, incline 9


NOTES:  as you can see, I didn’t use all the mini-sets if I didn’t need them, for example, on shoulders and machine presses.  The DB flat press was hard!  It felt like a real uphill struggle.  Reverse flys didn’t feel comfortable, I just need to get used to that exercise more, being bent over and all.  One side effect of combining chest shoulders and triceps is that my shoulders took a HELL of a beating.  Even with the lighter weights on the shoulder exercises, my shoulder was aching by the time I got to triceps.  As a result, I FAILED.  I did my first 5 on close grip, and knew I was in trouble, the second time I could only do 3 max.  I decided to try a 3rd mini set, and got 0 done, almost pinned myself to the bench with the bar!  LOL.

I thought it could be one of two things, either my triceps were just failing me, or my shoulder was failing me.  My next exercise WAS going to be 2 handed DB extension, but I decided to do pushdowns instead.  I reasoned that if I could do pushdowns fine, then my shoulders were what gave out.  If I couldn’t do pushdowns either, than instead of close grip bench, next time I would do close grip DB press, so I don’t kill myself, haha.

As you can read, pushdowns went much better!  So my shoulders just gave out.  I will replace closegrip bench with something else next time, until the joint gets stronger.


Overall, an interesting workout!  After the tricep fail, my shoulder was fairly sore, so I cut cardio short, and came home to crash.


Talk more soon!

chest & biceps

I took a day off with massive amounts of sleep, then back at it again today.

Went to the gym after work for some chest and biceps.

bench press 45×12, 95×10, 145×10, 185×5, 185×5, 185×5, 185×5

DB flat press 75×12, 75×9

incline DB press (hammer grip) 30×12, 30×12

pec deck 90×40

pinwheel curls 90×5, 90×5

seated DB curls 50×12, 55×10

curl machine 100×40

assisted pullups 7 widegrip, 7 close grip, 6 1/2 hammer grip

cardio:  arc trainer 30 min, 70% resistance, incline 9


My shoulder was getting tired quick during the presses.  The DB slipped during the flat press, when I brought it down it dropped even lower and put my shoulder in an awkward spot, so I stopped it at that point.  I tried out hammer grip on the inclines, it was much easier on my shoulder, but it will be a while to build strength back up on that one.  I normally do flys, but gave my shoulder a break and went on the pec deck instead.

Pinwheels were good, DB curls continue to frustrate me.  The 55s were being used the first time actually, so I used the 50s instead, and still failed out of the 55s set, very sad 😦

After, I threw in some pullups for good measure, then some cardio.


Things are going pretty well these days!  I feel like I might have found my groove, so it might be time to fold in some yoga…

Onwards and upwards!

When I got up this morning, I really wanted to get in a little morning yoga.  But I was too burnt out from exercise yesterday, and I came to the conclusion that I could make it to yoga, but wouldn’t have enough left for what I had planned later.  So I went back to sleep.

Showed up at 11 for a spin class with my neighbour.  Spin class sucked!  You could tell she organized the routine herself, it wasn’t balanced.  She seemed to have no sense of pacing.  I will explain.

Just a few songs in to the hour, she would have us do a standing climb, and she asked us to go heavy and give it all we had.  So I did, I was pumping hard against the high tension.  But then she would ask us about 8 more times to “turn [the tension] up” before the next break!  Really, actually like 8 times!  All that meant was by about turn 5 my legs had grinded to a complete halt from all the tension, and I had to stop, turn the tension way down, then start all over again.  She would have us ratchet the tension all the way up, then drop it down as we got over the hill, then tell us to put everything back on we took off, then tell us to turn it up 3 MORE times before the next break…  So yeah, again, to a halt.

I don’t mind coming to a halt because my legs were exhausted, that has happened before.  But this early into a class with fresh legs, it just felt like she didn’t know what she was telling us to do.

So this happened a few times in like Song 3, then it happened a few MORE times in Song 4.  By the end of Song 4, I was dying to shout out, “Bitch, do you even know the words coming out of your mouth?”  That’s really rude, but I was quite irritated by then.  Still, I bit my tongue.  But my trust in her was completely gone, and I decided I wasn’t going to put too much stock in what she said any more – because I really couldn’t be sure what she was going to ask for.  So if she asked for 85%, I was going to give 70%.  If she asked for a full turn, I would give a half turn, etc.

I am no spin expert, but I am no novice either.  I do spin classes, I have done a spin marathon, I am comfortable with the routine.  Her gameplan felt BAD.

So I went at my own pace, to hell with her guidance.  Sadly, that meant I had to not go all out, since I couldn’t tell how many turns she would be asking for, so I always held back, for over half of the class.

I don’t know if I was the only one, but you could hear her start to comment on it – multiple times she would say “don’t be scared of the tension!”  If she was talking to me, I was mostly tuning her out, the words were registering dimly, but once she lost my trust, I went off to my own little world.  Once class was over, I didn’t stick around for the whole stretch, I left halfway through, I was done with her silly ass.

My neighbour agreed to stick around and do a shoulder and tricep workout with me!  Hooray!

Then I found out that to him, that meant he would hang out for 15 min, then leave.  Errr, ok.  So I had to pack in the shoulder stuff with as little rest as possible.  I would go, then he would go, etc.  After the third exercise, he broke out and went home.  He was expecting company, so no worries.  And to his credit, he gave it all he had for the time he was there, so I was happy for the company.  He didn’t make it to the tricep portion, but I got the sense he had a good shoulder workout.

As for me, this shoulder & tri day was a chance to really test out the shoulder joint.  Similar to chest day, I wanted to do a bunch of work above my head with light weight, and find out what would set me off.  Luckily, no issues.  But there were light weights on most of the sets, so take this into account as you read 🙂


overhead DB press 30×12, 30×12, 30×12, 30×12

arnold press 30×12, 30×12

reverse flys 20×12, 20×12

tate press**  20×12, 25×12

lateral raise 20×40, 20×40 (I wish my neighbour had made it to these burn sets!  He would have been begging for mercy! I know I was 🙂 )

**Tate press is something I tried for the first time, I read it would work your traps a bit, and I liked it because it was more above the head.  check out a demo video here:

I don’t know, felt like mostly a tricep thing to me.  Which isn’t horrible, since it was tricep day!  Speaking of…


close grip bench press  45×12, 95×10, 145×6, 155×5, 155×5

DB skullcrushers  25×12, 25×12

two-hand DB extension 70×12, 70×6

t-bar pushdowns  140×40

I was grunting pretty good by the end of the pushdowns!

Done!  Went home and slept some more, haha.  Not a bad day for 3 days in a row of weights!


Feeling some nice soreness in the chest today.


Went to the gym after work.  Yay for some Friday night exercise!

Back work:

Wanted to do deadlifts, but the squat racks were busy – a girl and her trainer, and 2 guys on the other one.  The 2 guys were wasting a lot of time, chatting away, squatting very little, then chatting for 5 more minutes.  I hate that.  But why bother trying to sub out with them?  Fixing the amounts on free weights is time-consuming, and these guys were idiots.  So I just moved on, can get more done if I avoid these time-thieves.

One arm DB row:  60×12, no rest, 60×12 (so back and forth, 12 on one arm, 12 on the other, 12 on the first, 12 on the other)

Pull-ups:  7 1/2 wide grip, 7 close grip, 6 1/2 hammer grip

T-bar row machine:  105×40, 105×40


I am happy with the pullups, getting more and more comfortable with them.

Then time for some cardio:  arc trainer for 30 min, 65% resistance, incline 9


Quick and fun back workout!


It’s been so long since I posted!

I hit a rough patch.  On Sunday I went to Spin class.  While I was there, I could feel my shoulder aching, like it was getting worse.  So I put off weights for a few days while I waited.  I did some cardio on Tuesday, and otherwise that was it.

Today, Thursday, I went back to it.  chest and biceps – I decided to try out the exercises that I had avoided since the sprain, time to face the fears head-on.

bench press 45×12, 115×10, 165×6, 175×5, 175×5, 175×5, 175×5

DB press 70×12, 70×12

incline DB press 50×4, 25×12, 25×20

DB flys 25×32, 25×25

Incline presses pretty much confirmed for me that this was where the problem was – 50s caused immediate pain in my shoulder.  I tried 25s, and I could do them, but they tired out the shoulder FAST.  I couldn’t necessarily go through whole range of motion either – I could press them up, but when I went to touch the DBs together, that was too much, even with 25s.  This makes me wonder if it is connected to a problem with my bicep somehow??  Tale for another time.

For now I will stick with the incline presses with low weight, and build strength back up.  If I can.  One suggestion I got was to use hammer grip during my incline presses.  I will try that!  Might be easier on my shoulder.

hammer curls across the body 85×5, 85×5

DB curls 55×12, 55×9

curl machine 100×40

I was happy with the hammer curls, but the DB curls, to be honest, I was distracted thinking about my shoulder, so I lost the intensity somewhat, just like I did last week.  I have to work on my focus or I will never progress.  But hey, love the hammer curls, almost up to the real big boy dumbbells now!  The ones where you look at them and think, “those look friggin ridiculous!”  Looking forward to that 🙂

I was running late, so I went off to work.  But I got out of work early!  So I headed back to the gym for some unfinished business, albeit by now my workout clothes smelled exceptionally foul, LOL!

I jumped on the arc trainer for some cardio – 30 min, 65% resistance, incline 9

Then some pullups.  I did 8 wide grip, 6 1/2 close grip, 4 1/2 hammer grip.  Those half ones were sooo close!  I couldn’t bear to count them as a zero.  I am happy with the pullups actually, not bad for me.

Then some one-arm fingerpad wall presses, 2 sets of 5.  Thos felt real tough on my hurt shoulder, but not painful, so that was good.  Then 2 sets of 10 eagle claws.

I wanted to practice hanging, but the chinup station was busy, and I was tired, so I packed it in and went home.

Going to observe how I feel tomorrow, see if I am up for more.

shoulders & triceps

My shoulders felt tired heading into this one, but it needed to get done.

Grabbed the 30 lb dumbbells

front raises supersetted with lateral raises

12 front, 10 lat, 2 min rest

12 front, 7 lat, 2 min rest

front raises supersetted with reverse flys

12 front, 12 reverse, 2 min rest

12 front, 12 reverse

55lb dumbbells, slow shrugs (hold for 4 seconds before lowering)

12, 1 min, 12

Triceps time!

wanted to do closegrip bench, but the bench stations were all full.  Time to improvise.

I grabbed dumbbells for closegrip dumbbell presses.  Basically have the DBs face each other and bring them close, as you press them up.  If they touch it is slightly easier than keeping them slightly apart, since you don’t have to work as hard at stabilizing them, but as long as you isolate the triceps, it isn’t a big deal, IMO.

closegrip dumbbell presses

30 lbs, 12

50s, 10, 1 min rest, 10, rest, 10

cable pushdowns

140 lbs, 12, 1 min rest, 12

dumbbell kickbacks  still not confident about the form on these

35 lbs, 12, 1 min rest, 12

dip station  these still went horrible!  I used the assist so I wouldnt swing, so the first one I assisted for about 16% of my weight and it felt like my shoulders were going to rip out!  sad.  I turned it up to about 27% of my BW, and really tried to keep my elbows pinned back and it went a little better, but still rough.  Not comfortable.

16% 6 reps

27% 10 reps, 10 reps


Then stretched out the shoulders a bit.  Then 2 sets of 5 one arm fingerpad wall pushups.  2 sets of 10 eagle claws.  I wanted to hang from the bar, but quite literally ALL such bars were occupied, even the smith machine, haha.  so I gave up.  I jumped on the arc trainer for some cardio instead.

incline 9, resistance 65%, 15 min


I was beat after that!  I feel wasted, gonna sleep hard tonight.  Didn’t feel like enough of a tricep workout, tbh.