Went to the gym after work.

I am trying out a new pre-workout powder – C4 Extreme.  I think it is good to cycle the pre-workout powders, and I had been off stimulants for a while, so will try this out for a month. (Pink Lemonade flavour)

I feel a bit of a pump, nothing huge, I don’t feel anxious, but I just feel really upbeat and cheery, lol.  Focus was pretty good, energy stayed constant, so no complaints so far.  It also seems to make my day fly by, lol!  Time has speeded up since I have been on it, I swear!  Taste is fine, I was worried it would be too acidic, as it was lemonade, but it is pretty smooth, surprisingly.  It also doesn’t have the exploding carbonation factor of my last supp, so that is nice.

It has only been a day or two, so I will talk more about it when I give it a full chance.

60 sec rest in between sets.

Bench press – 45×8, 95×8, 145×8, 165×5, 165×5, 165×5, 165×5

DB flat press 65s x12, x12

went to do some pushups, these tired out my shoulder pretty fast, so I didnt do too many.  roughly 30 sec rest in between sets

10, 10, 10

pec dec 90×40, 90×40 (burn sets)

bicep time!

hammer curls across the body 80s x5, x5

seated DB curls 55s x12, x6, x3, x3

I got distracted during the second set, and lost the willpower momentum, and just stalled and stopped at 6 reps.  OK…. there was a girl doing bent over dumbbell rows, and I got distracted, so sue me!  LOL  So after a few seconds rest, I did 3 more reps, rested a few seconds, did the last 3.

Curl Machine 90 x 40 (burn set)

Arms felt pretty good, so I went for some extra forearm and grip work.

one-arm fingerpad wall pushups 5, 5

eagle claws x10, x10

As I did the eagle claws, I felt the pump and burn pretty good in my forearms, it was nice!

I went to tempt fate by doing some pullups before the grip hangs.  Balance out the chest with some back, by way of the arms.

4 pullups widegrip, 3 closegrip, 2 hammer grip

My arms felt burnt out, so now time to hang!

20 secs, 10, 7, 6

Yeah, my times sucked!  haha, I could barely hang on for more than a few seconds before I slipped from my palms to hanging from my fingers, and it won’t last long after that!  Basically, my arms were done.