It’s been so long since I posted!

I hit a rough patch.  On Sunday I went to Spin class.  While I was there, I could feel my shoulder aching, like it was getting worse.  So I put off weights for a few days while I waited.  I did some cardio on Tuesday, and otherwise that was it.

Today, Thursday, I went back to it.  chest and biceps – I decided to try out the exercises that I had avoided since the sprain, time to face the fears head-on.

bench press 45×12, 115×10, 165×6, 175×5, 175×5, 175×5, 175×5

DB press 70×12, 70×12

incline DB press 50×4, 25×12, 25×20

DB flys 25×32, 25×25

Incline presses pretty much confirmed for me that this was where the problem was – 50s caused immediate pain in my shoulder.  I tried 25s, and I could do them, but they tired out the shoulder FAST.  I couldn’t necessarily go through whole range of motion either – I could press them up, but when I went to touch the DBs together, that was too much, even with 25s.  This makes me wonder if it is connected to a problem with my bicep somehow??  Tale for another time.

For now I will stick with the incline presses with low weight, and build strength back up.  If I can.  One suggestion I got was to use hammer grip during my incline presses.  I will try that!  Might be easier on my shoulder.

hammer curls across the body 85×5, 85×5

DB curls 55×12, 55×9

curl machine 100×40

I was happy with the hammer curls, but the DB curls, to be honest, I was distracted thinking about my shoulder, so I lost the intensity somewhat, just like I did last week.  I have to work on my focus or I will never progress.  But hey, love the hammer curls, almost up to the real big boy dumbbells now!  The ones where you look at them and think, “those look friggin ridiculous!”  Looking forward to that 🙂

I was running late, so I went off to work.  But I got out of work early!  So I headed back to the gym for some unfinished business, albeit by now my workout clothes smelled exceptionally foul, LOL!

I jumped on the arc trainer for some cardio – 30 min, 65% resistance, incline 9

Then some pullups.  I did 8 wide grip, 6 1/2 close grip, 4 1/2 hammer grip.  Those half ones were sooo close!  I couldn’t bear to count them as a zero.  I am happy with the pullups actually, not bad for me.

Then some one-arm fingerpad wall presses, 2 sets of 5.  Thos felt real tough on my hurt shoulder, but not painful, so that was good.  Then 2 sets of 10 eagle claws.

I wanted to practice hanging, but the chinup station was busy, and I was tired, so I packed it in and went home.

Going to observe how I feel tomorrow, see if I am up for more.