Feeling some nice soreness in the chest today.


Went to the gym after work.  Yay for some Friday night exercise!

Back work:

Wanted to do deadlifts, but the squat racks were busy – a girl and her trainer, and 2 guys on the other one.  The 2 guys were wasting a lot of time, chatting away, squatting very little, then chatting for 5 more minutes.  I hate that.  But why bother trying to sub out with them?  Fixing the amounts on free weights is time-consuming, and these guys were idiots.  So I just moved on, can get more done if I avoid these time-thieves.

One arm DB row:  60×12, no rest, 60×12 (so back and forth, 12 on one arm, 12 on the other, 12 on the first, 12 on the other)

Pull-ups:  7 1/2 wide grip, 7 close grip, 6 1/2 hammer grip

T-bar row machine:  105×40, 105×40


I am happy with the pullups, getting more and more comfortable with them.

Then time for some cardio:  arc trainer for 30 min, 65% resistance, incline 9


Quick and fun back workout!