When I got up this morning, I really wanted to get in a little morning yoga.  But I was too burnt out from exercise yesterday, and I came to the conclusion that I could make it to yoga, but wouldn’t have enough left for what I had planned later.  So I went back to sleep.

Showed up at 11 for a spin class with my neighbour.  Spin class sucked!  You could tell she organized the routine herself, it wasn’t balanced.  She seemed to have no sense of pacing.  I will explain.

Just a few songs in to the hour, she would have us do a standing climb, and she asked us to go heavy and give it all we had.  So I did, I was pumping hard against the high tension.  But then she would ask us about 8 more times to “turn [the tension] up” before the next break!  Really, actually like 8 times!  All that meant was by about turn 5 my legs had grinded to a complete halt from all the tension, and I had to stop, turn the tension way down, then start all over again.  She would have us ratchet the tension all the way up, then drop it down as we got over the hill, then tell us to put everything back on we took off, then tell us to turn it up 3 MORE times before the next break…  So yeah, again, to a halt.

I don’t mind coming to a halt because my legs were exhausted, that has happened before.  But this early into a class with fresh legs, it just felt like she didn’t know what she was telling us to do.

So this happened a few times in like Song 3, then it happened a few MORE times in Song 4.  By the end of Song 4, I was dying to shout out, “Bitch, do you even know the words coming out of your mouth?”  That’s really rude, but I was quite irritated by then.  Still, I bit my tongue.  But my trust in her was completely gone, and I decided I wasn’t going to put too much stock in what she said any more – because I really couldn’t be sure what she was going to ask for.  So if she asked for 85%, I was going to give 70%.  If she asked for a full turn, I would give a half turn, etc.

I am no spin expert, but I am no novice either.  I do spin classes, I have done a spin marathon, I am comfortable with the routine.  Her gameplan felt BAD.

So I went at my own pace, to hell with her guidance.  Sadly, that meant I had to not go all out, since I couldn’t tell how many turns she would be asking for, so I always held back, for over half of the class.

I don’t know if I was the only one, but you could hear her start to comment on it – multiple times she would say “don’t be scared of the tension!”  If she was talking to me, I was mostly tuning her out, the words were registering dimly, but once she lost my trust, I went off to my own little world.  Once class was over, I didn’t stick around for the whole stretch, I left halfway through, I was done with her silly ass.

My neighbour agreed to stick around and do a shoulder and tricep workout with me!  Hooray!

Then I found out that to him, that meant he would hang out for 15 min, then leave.  Errr, ok.  So I had to pack in the shoulder stuff with as little rest as possible.  I would go, then he would go, etc.  After the third exercise, he broke out and went home.  He was expecting company, so no worries.  And to his credit, he gave it all he had for the time he was there, so I was happy for the company.  He didn’t make it to the tricep portion, but I got the sense he had a good shoulder workout.

As for me, this shoulder & tri day was a chance to really test out the shoulder joint.  Similar to chest day, I wanted to do a bunch of work above my head with light weight, and find out what would set me off.  Luckily, no issues.  But there were light weights on most of the sets, so take this into account as you read 🙂


overhead DB press 30×12, 30×12, 30×12, 30×12

arnold press 30×12, 30×12

reverse flys 20×12, 20×12

tate press**  20×12, 25×12

lateral raise 20×40, 20×40 (I wish my neighbour had made it to these burn sets!  He would have been begging for mercy! I know I was 🙂 )

**Tate press is something I tried for the first time, I read it would work your traps a bit, and I liked it because it was more above the head.  check out a demo video here:  http://www.muscleandstrength.com/exercises/tate-press.html

I don’t know, felt like mostly a tricep thing to me.  Which isn’t horrible, since it was tricep day!  Speaking of…


close grip bench press  45×12, 95×10, 145×6, 155×5, 155×5

DB skullcrushers  25×12, 25×12

two-hand DB extension 70×12, 70×6

t-bar pushdowns  140×40

I was grunting pretty good by the end of the pushdowns!

Done!  Went home and slept some more, haha.  Not a bad day for 3 days in a row of weights!