I took a day off with massive amounts of sleep, then back at it again today.

Went to the gym after work for some chest and biceps.

bench press 45×12, 95×10, 145×10, 185×5, 185×5, 185×5, 185×5

DB flat press 75×12, 75×9

incline DB press (hammer grip) 30×12, 30×12

pec deck 90×40

pinwheel curls 90×5, 90×5

seated DB curls 50×12, 55×10

curl machine 100×40

assisted pullups 7 widegrip, 7 close grip, 6 1/2 hammer grip

cardio:  arc trainer 30 min, 70% resistance, incline 9


My shoulder was getting tired quick during the presses.  The DB slipped during the flat press, when I brought it down it dropped even lower and put my shoulder in an awkward spot, so I stopped it at that point.  I tried out hammer grip on the inclines, it was much easier on my shoulder, but it will be a while to build strength back up on that one.  I normally do flys, but gave my shoulder a break and went on the pec deck instead.

Pinwheels were good, DB curls continue to frustrate me.  The 55s were being used the first time actually, so I used the 50s instead, and still failed out of the 55s set, very sad 😦

After, I threw in some pullups for good measure, then some cardio.


Things are going pretty well these days!  I feel like I might have found my groove, so it might be time to fold in some yoga…

Onwards and upwards!