I thought I would try out some new stuff for my routine.  There were a few reasons for this.


I was trying to work with a 4 day split, plus lots of other stuff.  This was too much, and it overwhelmed me, including a sprained shoulder.  If I could take it down to a 3 day split, this potentially leaves me with enough energy to dabble in yoga as I build my endurance back up in my injured part.

I had cut back on legs with weights as my IT band inflammation was the first sign I was doing too much, but when I dropped out of yoga to let my shoulder rest up, my leg work became too sparse.  If I add legs back in, I will need to reduce something else down to make a 3 day split.  I thought I could combine chest, shoulders and triceps, have a back and biceps day, and a legs day.  Not only do I try and get going on my legs again, but taking the weight work on my shoulder down from two days to potentially one, I thought it might be better for my rehab.  (I had been doing a chest and bicep day, and a shoulder and tricep day, but those required me working with my shoulder).


So, a 3 day split.  I saw an interesting routine on the Muscle & Strength website (which I recommend visiting, by the way), by Steve Shaw – called rest-pause training, or “bulldozer training” (his term).  Even though I had been getting good results with the varied rep ranges, I decided to try this rest-pause method.  It would allow for shorter workouts, and give me a chance to work on maintaining my energy.

One of my weaknesses with weights is that my energy drops off fast.  That was a sticking point with biceps for example, where a high rep set would drop off in performance way too fast for my liking.  So with this workout, really short breaks between “sets”, and hopefully I can learn to keep my intensity high and not require a 2 min type break each time.

How does this “bulldozer” work?  Well, you pick a weight and a rep goal, you knock out as many as you can, wait 30 seconds, try and knock out more, rest 30 sec, repeat, etc.  Give yourself 4 or 5 of these mini-sets, and if you hit that rep goal, you win, and go up in weight next week.  Only one of these set clusters needed per exercise, only a few exercises per body part needed!  You work the body part hard, and (the theory is) work your muscle in the amount needed in a shorter period of time.


OK, ENOUGH CHATTER.  workout time.


DB flat press  (75 lb DB, 30 rep goal) 13, 30 sec, 7, 30 sec, 4, 45 sec, 5, 45 sec, 3 = 32!

bench press machine (165, 30 reps)  15, 30 sec, 9, 30, 6 = 30 reps!

DB shoulder press (35 lb DB, 35 reps) 19, 30, 9, 30, 7 = 35 reps!

lateral raises (30 lb DB, 30 reps)  17, 30, 7, 30, 6 = 30 reps!

reverse flys (30 lb DB, 30 reps)  10, 30, 10, 30, 7, 30, 3 = 30 reps!

close grip bench (165, 25 reps) 5, 30, 3, 30, XXX = FAIL

tricep pushdowns (170, 30 reps)  15, 30, 8, 30, 6, 30, 3 = 32 reps!

cardio:  arc trainer – 15 min, 75% resistance, incline 9


NOTES:  as you can see, I didn’t use all the mini-sets if I didn’t need them, for example, on shoulders and machine presses.  The DB flat press was hard!  It felt like a real uphill struggle.  Reverse flys didn’t feel comfortable, I just need to get used to that exercise more, being bent over and all.  One side effect of combining chest shoulders and triceps is that my shoulders took a HELL of a beating.  Even with the lighter weights on the shoulder exercises, my shoulder was aching by the time I got to triceps.  As a result, I FAILED.  I did my first 5 on close grip, and knew I was in trouble, the second time I could only do 3 max.  I decided to try a 3rd mini set, and got 0 done, almost pinned myself to the bench with the bar!  LOL.

I thought it could be one of two things, either my triceps were just failing me, or my shoulder was failing me.  My next exercise WAS going to be 2 handed DB extension, but I decided to do pushdowns instead.  I reasoned that if I could do pushdowns fine, then my shoulders were what gave out.  If I couldn’t do pushdowns either, than instead of close grip bench, next time I would do close grip DB press, so I don’t kill myself, haha.

As you can read, pushdowns went much better!  So my shoulders just gave out.  I will replace closegrip bench with something else next time, until the joint gets stronger.


Overall, an interesting workout!  After the tricep fail, my shoulder was fairly sore, so I cut cardio short, and came home to crash.


Talk more soon!