A new day for the rest-pause workout!  I got into the gym in the morning, and got ready to wage war on the iron.


row machine (closegrip) 150:  18, 7 = 25/25 reps complete!

deadlift 225×15 (10 min goal):  3/3/3/3/3 = complete!

assisted widegrip pullups:  8,5,4,3,3 = 23/35 reps FAIL

seated alternating twisting DB curls 55s:  7,6,6,4 = 23/25 reps FAIL

curl machine 110:  18, 5, 3 = 26/25 reps complete!

DB shrugs 80s:  20, 15 = 35/35 reps complete!

grip hang:  10 sec, 7 sec, 5 sec


I wanted to do deadlifts first, but all the racks were busy.  But by the time I was done rows, one opened up.  Deadlifts were slightly different than the other exercises, I gave myself 10 min to do 15 reps, with the intention that I will eventually be doing singles.  So a single rep, rest a little bit, then another, etc.  The weight was rather light though, as I wanted to get used to form.  So I ended up doing 3 at a time, and could have done more at once, but I wanted to keep working on the setting up just as much as the execution.

By the time I was done pullups (which went really well for me, I thought), my back was DYING.  My lower back was ready to lock up, so I was glad to sit down for the bicep work.  Energy felt low on biceps, the back stuff really took A LOT out of me today, but I carried on.

The DB curls, I think I held back too much early on.  I wanted to get used to how it felt with the limited rest, and by the time I was at the end, my form was falling off, and I stopped rather than bust out bad form reps.  But since I stopped before my form faltered on the EARLY mini sets, and I was only two reps away at the end, I probably robbed myself a bit.  Oh well, I will get ’em next time.

Shrugs were easy, but I wanted to see how my shoulders would react.  There were no issues with my shoulders, but I could feel my grip falling apart even by the end of the shrugs.  So I knew the hang work would be weak.  And it was – I slipped from palm to fingers WAY too early.  So not a good forearm day, IMO.


I went to work after, and I was DYING all day.  It might have been unwise for me to try out a new back workout BEFORE work, should have done it at the end of the day, haha.  The walk home after work was agonizing… will need lots of sleep.  No cardio, just sleep for me today.