I ran out of work like my butt was on fire!

I made it to the yoga studio for a 5:30 pm, 75 min “mix” class.  What the mix part means is the teacher has a little more free range to vary up the routine to his or her wishes.  I was also excited because I had not seen this teacher in a few months!  So on with the show.


We did not do full sun salutations at the start to warm up, sort of half ones with the forward folds and back bends.  I was happy since this meant my shoulders got a bit of an early rest.

My back feels both tight and flexible these past few months, like I haven’t done back bends in a while, but when I do them, I have the sneaking suspicion I can probably go much farther now than I could a year ago.  It feels like I am on the precipice of something good, and I am looking forward to it!  It is the same excitement I felt when I realized I could touch my head to my feet in Cobbler’s Pose.  Sometimes the flexibility and bendiness comes in waves like that – you just realize “I can go further”, like yesterday it wasn’t possible and today it IS.

Side bends always make me feel bad because I look at the mirror and it’s like “hey there, gut hanging out of shirt”.  It’s the same distinct lack of pride I feel during Warrior 2 when I look at my profile in the mirror and get the profile of my gut.  I’m a man who hasn’t restricted himself, and the evidence is there, hahaha.  Let’s just leave it at that.  But the pure range of motion in my side bends has also much improved over the past year.

In other ways, my flexibility has gotten worse, not always for bad reasons.  My chest and arms are a little bigger than a year ago, and so where eagle arms used to be easier, it has gotten harder just for the raw amounts of meat in the way.  I don’t know if that will change, and don’t know if I care.  Even if my eagle arms look different from everyone else’s, it ain’t always about how you look when you do yoga, but what you’re doing, and how it fits your own body.  I won’t let that be an excuse though for trying to trim the gut down so it doesn’t get in the way of things like Shoelace, haha.

Speaking of Warrior, the lack of Sun Salutations at the start meant my shoulders were ready to be suspended in the air for what feels like ETERNITY, during the Warrior sequences.  So that was good.

Crescent lunges, Warrior 1, both came with backbends, my back was happy for the stretch.

Warrior 2 to exalted warrior to bent leg triangle.  Eagle to kind of a leaning over star thing (I am sure there is a fancy name for it) to toppling tree to half moon.  Haven’t done half moon in what feels like forever!  Looking forward to more of those.


It is nice to see the teacher string together the moves in different ways.  Whether the sequences were her own idea or not, it exposes their preferences and  goals and style.  This particular teacher has had her license for about a year, so I suspect she is now cementing her own (at least initial) style, and her chosen “mix” becomes a sort of early thumbprint.  It’s like watching someone pick their own choreography for the big dance.

Or maybe I am overthinking it 🙂


Floor series was abdominal work absent.  Hurrah!  I did abs yesterday.  Back work, some core work, some floor twists, some neck stretches, and then time to rest.

I sweat way more than Saturday!  It might have been the variety in the sequences, or just my own growing enthusiasm to be back with my homebase studio, with my homegirl teachers 🙂


I feel so energized it will be hard getting to sleep tonight!  Even 4 hours later I am still quite upbeat.  Maybe I will go listen to Walking on Sunshine, hahaha.