Headed to the gym for some good old shoulder work.  Trying out the trainer’s suggestion to mostly drop chest for now and work on my back.

rest of 1-2 min in between sets

pec dec: warmup set of 15; 120 x8, x8 , x8

archery pulls with resistance tube (heaviest band the store had):  set of 15, set of 10, set of 8

T-bar row:  warmup set of 15; 150 x8, x8, x8

closegrip row:  150 x8, x8, x8

assisted widegrip pullups:  4, 4, 4

DB shrugs:  90s x8, x8, x8

Abs:  extended plank, extended side plank (each side)  30 sec, 30 sec, 30 sec – 3 sets


notes:  I was getting tired quick with that heavy tube on the archery pulls!  haha.  The rows felt good, but by the time I got to pullups, my back was pretty drained.  For the abdominals, it was pretty much core work.  Extended plank means arms extended, so the basic plank looks like a pushup type position, except wrists and arms directly under shoulders.  Extended side plank not only means the bracing arm is straight, but the free arm is pointing straight up, and you can look up at the ceiling as well.  Experiment with the feet, one in front of the other is easiest, stacking them on top of each other is harder.  Keep your hips high, don’t sag!  Lots of fun!