Hot day, full gym!


continuing with the advice the trainer gave me


pec deck:  warmup set; 135 x8, x8, x8

cable face pulls:  50 x15, x15, x15

T-bar row:  warmup set; 165 x8, x8, x8

close-grip row:  165 x8, x8, x8

lat pulldowns:  180 x8, x8, x7

DB shrugs:  95s x8, x8, x8

plank, side plank (both sides):  40 sec, 30 sec, 30 sec x3 sets

cardio:  arc trainer – 15 min, 70% resistance, incline 9


notes:  I forgot the stupid resistance tube, so i did face pulls for my rotator cuff instead.  I also couldn’t do the assisted pullups, as a girl was running back and forth between closegrip bench and using the station for dips.  I didn’t really want to chat it up with her, so I just did lat pulldowns instead.  Interesting side note:  she had the assistance so high on the dips that she would push up and FLOAT up to the top and then float back down to touch the bar and dip back down… I don’t think dips are supposed to be done that way.  She is in awesome shape and all, but I suspect she might have been goofing around.  Zero gravity dips probably don’t work the triceps too hard, LOL.

After the planks I also did some stretching, stretched out my shoulder, did some spinal twists and worked my rotator cuff a little more with some light dumbbells.  I kept cardio short, since I intend to be back bright and early tomorrow morning!