Today, I had two options, spin or yoga.  Gentleman’s choice.

My friend had his birthday dinner last night, and I knew he wanted to go to Spin today.  And the yoga studio, well… the streets were closed due to a festival, so taking the bus would be a pain.  So I went Spin.


Saturday mornings often have chatty peppy guy, but this week he had a sub.  It was young peppy woman.  I had never had a class with her, so I was ready for anything.

It turned out quite well actually.  I thought her routine was really well-balanced, it gave me the leeway I needed to decide if I either wanted low intensity steady state or high intensity intervals.  My legs were quite sore from the leg workout yesterday so I went low intensity, and tried to flush the legs out.

She was a little too chatty, admittedly, and by the end of the hour I just wanted to get away from her and her talking.  But to be fair, most spin teachers are that way, it’s part of their training.  It’s a way to keep the crowd’s energy high.  I am a grumpy old man, so I hate chattiness, but I have reconciled that it comes with the spinning.  No offence intended to any spin teachers out there, I don’t envy your job, you do what you gotta do to get these fat asses and old farts moving 🙂

Aren’t I pleasant today?  ha ha

Anyhoo, I thought it was a good class, 7/10.  If I showed up to a future class and saw her, would not cringe 🙂

I wanted to linger in the gym a little more, maybe do some chinups, but the friend had to go home asap, and I was going to buy him a birthday present from the health food store, so I left as well.

Does a birthday present from the health food store seem lame?  It kinda is, but he has been getting into using supplements lately, and I am mildly familiar with the subject, so I thought it would be fun to get him something that will help him.  He was already stocked on protein powder, and he had a vitamin he was happy with, and a fish oil supp he was happy with, so I pointed out the ones I use and why I like him, and looked for something else.

Turns out he has never had Greens+ before!  For shame.  He seemed open to the idea, so I bought him some.  Sadly, Greens tends to be overpriced, and this store tends to be overpriced (The Nutrition Store, it’s a chain disguised as a sort of Chinese herbalist grocery store), so I told him he can get a better deal on Greens at GNC (or at my yoga studio! but I digress)


Then off home to nap and let my legs recover.