I had to work late, so I headed to the gym for some mid evening magic.  Definitely a different crowd, young bloods, big muscles, big mouths.  The dialogues filtering into my ears were pure jokes:


“Man, I feel like Captain America!  You know, after he comes out of the pod all jacked?  This N.O.-Xplode is crazy!  Let’s go for some beers.”

“What clothes should I wear for this workout?  Should I wear the beater?  I like how I look in this shirt when I work out.  How high do the dumbbells go?  I want to try 120s on the shoulder press.”


Sigh… youth is wasted on the young, that’s all I can say 🙂


It was real busy at the start, but typical rush hour crowd, they run the dumbbells for 10 minutes, then disappear into thin air, leaving a trail of dumbbells all over the place.


Arms & Legs day:

DB curls:  warmup; 55s x8, 60s x7, x7

rolling triceps extensions:  30s x8, x8, x8

bodyweight full squats:  set of 30, rest, then another set of 30

1 leg press:  295 x10, x10, x10

1 leg curl:  warmup; 150 x10, x10, x8

standing bodyweight calf raises:  set of 75, 75, 75, 75

Abs:  bent leg raises x15, x15; frog raises x8, x10, x10

cardio:  arc trainer, 25 min, 75% resistance, incline 9

assisted pullups:  widegrip 7, closegrip 9, hammergrip 4


notes:  biceps still frustrating, waiting for a breakthrough!  for triceps, I tried a variation on skullcrushers:  you lower the dumbbells down like a closegrip press, lower them to your ears, then push them up with your triceps.  I will post a video at the end of this post.  They felt awkward, a lot of pressure on my elbows, it lessened a bit when I pushed them up faster.  Leg press continues to be finding it’s edge, so I am happy.  Calf raises were getting real tough!  Anyone who thinks calf raises can only be done with weights have obviously never tried doing 300 of them 🙂  Then some cardio, then in a fit of whimsy, I ended cardio early to go do some impromptu pullups!  I need to build up my back, and I am at a point in my training right now where the pullups are feeling real good, so I am going to keep doing them.