Went to the gym after work, super busy!

rest between sets of between 1 and 2 minutes

DB curls:  warmup set (30 x 15); 55 x 8, 8, 8

t-bar pushdowns:  warmup (90 x 15); 180 x 8, 8, 8

bodyweight full squats (ATG) – 20, 18, 15

leg press machine (one leg)   235 x 10, 10, 10

leg curl machine (one leg)  135 x 8, 10, 8

bodyweight calf raises 60, 60, 60, 60

Abs:  bent knee leg raises x 15, 15; frog raises x 7, 8, 10

cardio:  70% resistance, incline 9, 30 min


notes:  there is a girl who is at the gym all the time.  anytime I am there, I see her there, morning or night.  She is very dedicated.  Even when she was pregnant, she was still there.  She is really fit, and has the weightlifter’s walk to her too, gives her a swagger, haha.  Anyways, I got the impression she was watching me when I was doing dumbbell curls.  I felt flattered!  But then considered that since she is so gung-ho about the gym, maybe she was thinking how bad my form looked or how I should be doing more weight, haha.  I was focused on what I was doing anyways, and the last thing I wanted was to approach her like I thought she dug me, only to find out she was smirking at me, lol.  being shot down would crash my whole focus!  so on to the next exercise.

I wanted to do squats, but the squat rack was busy.  luckily I am out of shape and fat!  that means I can get a good workout from just bodyweight squats!  aren’t I smart?  So I did a few ass to ground, full squats.  No bouncing, as slow and controlled as I could.  Quads felt tired!

I hadn’t done leg press in a while, so I just picked a weight.  It felt pretty good.  I then wanted to do stiff legged deadlifts (aka romanian deadlifts).  The squat rack was free, so I loaded up 135 lbs to see how I felt.  My back was still quite sore!  It wanted to seize up right away.  I wasn’t sure if my form was weak or my back was just THAT tired.  I did 4 with 135 and wanted to stop quite bad.  So I threw in the towel, and went over to the leg curl machine to work my hamstrings there instead.

Then some calf raises, which felt good.  Then abs, which were tiring, especially because my quads were also tired and I feel leg raises in the legs as well, at least where the legs meet the hips,  Then some cardio and I headed home.


I feel so tired!  Gonna sleep hard tonight.