Friday I showed up faithfully to the gym around 6-6:30 am.  Getting back into the swing of things.


After some warm-up, I wanted to try out one-legged squats.  I KNEW this would be challenging,  I had been playing around with bodyweight squats for a while, taking my butt all the way down to the ground, with my feet wide, with my heels touching, all over the place.  But cutting your muscle power in half without reducing the weight is a big step.  I was not expecting picture perfect pistols off the start.

Al Kavadlo


I started out trying to place my off foot heel on a medicine ball.  I would lower down, use my heel on the ball to assist with the push as I get back up.  Easy right?

seemed possible


I got VERY uncomfortable trying to lower myself down on one leg.  It felt so unnatural!  I tried with a few different-sized exercise balls, but it was the drop on my supporting leg that was giving me a mental block.


After a few false starts, I decided ok, new plan.  I headed over to a bench.  I would go down halfway on one leg, my butt would hit the bench, go back up.  Since it was only halfway, I tried to suspend my off foot in the air.

Again, mental block, my off foot would not stay up.  So I rested my heel on the floor and lowered down and pushed back up.  It was tedious, awkward work.  Definitely out of my comfort zone.  I also didn’t look very cool.  It also tired out my legs, which was a great consolation.  I ended up doing maybe a set of 10 of the uneven bench squats on each leg.


I then did a limited rest-pause set of 50 leg presses on each leg, a limited rest-pause set of leg curls (50 each leg), some frog raises for my abs (about 50), and some standing calf raises (about 300).  20 more minutes of cardio, then off to work!


Has anyone out there had to put in a lot of work to get into the one-leg pistol squat?  I would love to hear more.


For a progression tutorial, you can’t go wrong with reading Al Kavadlo.  He has an awesome website on bodyweight work.