Sunday I headed down to the gym with my neighbour for a Spin class.  My legs were still sore from leg day, although not horribly sore, so this was a good chance to flush them out and recover.

I am trying to cycle off the stimulant preworkouts (although I am still taking a thermogenic with caffeine), so today was the first day for a stim free PWO I keep handy for just such an occasion.  I am conservative with the PWOs, I only take them before workouts – if I start taking them every day I build up a tolerance much quicker.  So, I figure two weeks on the stimfree (Rivalus Complx5) before I go back to the C4.

Spin class was tough!  Andrea is my favorite RPM instructor, but there were times I was getting pummelled mercilessly.  The rests were super short and the beat was unrelenting.  By the last song I was already out of gas, bent low, face tensed, pumping away.  I had to stop a few times in that song, it was brutal.  But hey, that’s what I’m there for, beat me up!

noone was smiling in my class, this pic ain’t that intense!

Part of the strain might be the DOMS in my legs, it might be I really wanted the stim from my PWO but there wasn’t one, or it might be Andrea’s classes are no joke.  Or all 3!

After I peeled myself off the bike, I was dreading trying to compose myself for a shoulder workout.  Shoulders would have been better first, that’s just the order it happened.

My neighbour invited me to go shop in the nearby market for some “minimalist” shoes for his day job (dressy but with no support).  He has been a big convert to those shoes that look like rubber feet, with the little toes and all that.

So I decided (to my great relief) that I would keep my shoulder workout light.  This would let me keep it quick, let me experiment with the rest-pause some more, and would also make it easier for me to save some gas for the chest workout I would be doing in a day or two.  I normally like to keep chest and shoulders a little more separated, but again, this is just how it worked out.

So, little to no rest (30 seconds between sets AND between exercises) and just crank it out.  The whole thing took maybe 20 minutes.

overhead dumbbell press:  25 x 20, 12, 8

arnold press:  25 x 11, 10, 9, 5

lat raise machine:  80 x 10, 10, 10, 5

dumbbell shrugs:  80 x 10, 10, 9, 6

notes:  this was pretty compressed.  overhead was way light, but when I went straight into Arnolds, they were getting pretty tiring near the end.

ze Arnold press, most enjoyable

If I had more time, I would have done side raises with the dumbbells, and maybe some reverse flys as well, but this was pretty quick and dirty.  I wanted to see how my recuped shoulders felt with the rest-pause.  Overall they held up pretty well!  And I probably still have some gas left for chest day…