It’s always good to have a backup gym.  Sometimes you don’t feel like going to the usual one.  But you don’t know where anything is, you don’t recognize any faces, noone recognizes you.  Will they think I am a poser?  Will they see that I am there to work out for real?  It’s like a different sort of muscle confusion, the kind that comes from learning the ropes all over again.

i am so lost.


My backup gym is a 24 hr one in another part of town, next to a GNC health supplement store (nutriceuticals?  is that a word?  sounds like a place you go to to get chemically castrated! ba dum ching!)


I missed my Monday morning workout (lazy).  So, since I had to head to the store to pick up some more protein powder, I thought hey, late night gym session,  For some reason I decided to do legs again, don’t ask me why I thought was a good idea.  My legs just stopped being sore from Friday.  Maybe I just thought it would be easiest to use and abuse my legs, they enjoy the punishment.


The gym was SO busy!  It is bigger than my regular gym, and was packed with lots of young bloods, occasionally knocking out a few reps on the bench press or the squat rack, mostly just BEING THERE.


the room smells like red bull and FAIL



I carved out some land for myself, then on with the show!

uneven (1 leg) bench squats: 10/10, 6/6

quad extensions (30 s rest) 300 lbs:  16, 12, 10, 7, 5

leg curl (30 s) 260 lbs:  20, 15, 10, 5

calf raises:  4 x 80

leg raises (frog):  20, 12, 15

cardio:  crosstrainer, resistance 20, incline 15, 20 min


notes:  those 1 leg squats remain a challenge, but I am getting more comfortable with the form.  I found a spot next to the squat and proceeded to get in everyone’s way, haha.

Instead of leg press, quad extensions.  they only had ONE leg press machine! that is sad. one old lady was hanging out on it, so I did extensions instead.

your intensity is inspiring. mind if I sub in?


Leg curls felt good, really squeezed out some nice slow reps near the end.

Leg raises, I did better than usual, progress!  Good, my sad attempts at prone leg raises were depressing me.



For cardio I jumped on the crosstrainer, and thought hey! resistance 20. the grunts coming out of my mouth from the very start were a sign I had gone too high.  my legs were moving through thick mud the whole time, but I am stubborn so I stayed with the resistance, this time only.


Then I headed home to rest, cause I still had Tuesday morning gym ahead of me!