This past Wednesday, Yogis and Yoginis gathered on the grass in front of Parliament in Ottawa, Canada’s capital, to do some yoga.


how it always starts… very small…


They do this every Wednesday at lunch, and have been doing so for about six years now, everything organized by the Lululemon store in the nearby mall.  Did I mention it’s all free?  Every week, a different local instructor.  Every week, hundreds show up to do something together, as a community.  I feel truly blessed to enjoy a practice loved by so many others in my city.


This Wednesday, they WENT BIG.  The teacher for this yoga session was Ichih Wang  ( )

Ichih Wang


Ichih is a great instructor and a very friendly and genuine human being – taking a class with her is like having a personal conversation with her, very warm and full of humour.  The few times I have been around her, I have considered myself very fortunate.


Ichih’s dream was to have a GIANT class on the Hill.  A few months before, she stated her goal was to hit 5000 people!  And so she recruited.  And advertised.  And gathered.  It all came to a head this Wednesday.


We didn’t make 5000, sadly.  But we got 2380 to show up!  OVER TWO THOUSAND.  I think that’s crazy!  We filled up one of the lawns, and started spilling over into the second lawn.  In the end we needed over 50 people just to assist and demonstrate!


And through it all, we breathed, and stretched, and smiled.


Ichih took full advantage of  the record-breaking crowd, and incorporated a lot of “love thy neighbour” moves.  We would be in table, and were told to stretch our leg out to the left and touch our neighbour, and stretch our arm to the right and touch the other neighbour.  There were shoulder rubs, there were arm-linked team backbends (felt a bit like a trustfall), nothing that NEEDS to be there for a yoga practice, but it was FUN.  Which is an Ichih class to a tee.


I don’t want to steal thunder away from the official photographer, so I won’t upload his pictures, but I encourage you to visit his site, there are some truly breathtaking shots, aerial views, closeups of faces – lots of good stuff!!i=2027714223&k=DQXKMpD


Namaste, my friends.