Thursday I slept in.  Lazy!  I think as I get older, sleep feels BETTER AND BETTER.

sleep feels so good!

So that meant I had to do my gym after work.  I also wanted to get in some more yoga, so that was pretty much going to be my night.  Back and biceps today.

assisted chinups (palms in):  8, 6, 6

one arm bent over dumbbell row (no rest): 60 x 12, 6, 5, 2

closegrip row (30 sec rest):  210 x 8, 6, 7, 4

pinwheel curls (2 min rest):  75 x 5, 5, 5

seated dumbbell curls (30 sec rest):  45 x 12, 8, 6, 6, 6, 6, 5

cardio: 20 min arc trainer, 75% resistance, incline 9

notes:  my chinups continue to feel stuck, like I am not improving.  maybe I just need to lose weight, haha!

Intensity built up with the DB rows, then I was nice and warmed up for the machine rows.  I am finding I like the pattern of start heavy with longer periods of rest, then transition into medium to heavy with short rest.  By the end it feels like all out war!  The machine rows felt great, and that particular machine is running out of plates for me.  As always, I try to keep my shoulders down and back, and not rely on my upper traps.

getting intense!

By the time I got to biceps, I felt this mix of fear and heightened agitation.  The rows had given me something to think about, I knew the curls would be killer.  I warmed up with the pinwheel curls.  I got through them, but I wasn’t totally comfortable with my control, so I will keep the same weight next week, and try to tighten up on the form.  Form is everything.  A little body english can be ok with the heavy weights, but it can be a slippery slope to “sloppy”, and you have to be brutally honest with yourself as to the difference.

Then it was showtime.  My biceps run out of gas early, so the limited rest curls last week were intense, and I knew these would be too.  I alllllmost got the required number of reps, but my form was getting sloppy (at least in my mind), and my grip had been toast for the last 3 mini-sets, so I restrained myself from trying to pump out a crappy looking 50th rep, and will work on it more next week.  I didn’t feel like I had mastered the curls at this weight, so I can still reap the benefits of progress by doing it again.

the weight is the same… how come we look so different?

Went home, napped for about 30 min, then headed to yoga.  It was a Yin class, which meant deep stretches, which is great, because I felt too pooped to do anything active.  Passive all the way baby!

To my total delight, the instructor chose to focus on the back (spine) for this hour-long class.  This meant I could give my back a great stretch after the workout a few hours before, and minimize the recovery time.  Bonus!

We decompressed, we compressed, some seated cobbler (which I love, first time I touched my face to my feet was a thrill), some Seal pose, some Snail pose, all stuff I love.  How lucky was I to get this lineup?




After yoga, I went home loose, tired and happy, and fell into a deep blissful sleep.  I knew right away I was damn well going to sleep in the next morning.  And the circle continues 🙂

f ya