Woke up Thursday, blackberry was blowing up.  It seems everyone at work had spontaneously experienced mass psychosis.  It was wall to wall ape shit, people were getting drunk and sending out regrettable emails at 11 pm, other people were sending threatening emails at the end of the Wednesday day (so they could run away right after), so by Thursday morning, the situation looked tense!  People were losing their goddang minds!


emails at 11 pm? really?


I knew I did not have much time to devote to the gym, but I didn’t want to skip my Thursday morning.  I was pressed for time.  So I did my weekly shoulder workout… and pressed… for time…


Get it???


A joke?



Fine!! Nevermind.  I did a shoulder/aux workout


overhead dumbbell press (30 s rest):  35s x 20, 5

arnold press (30 s rest):  35s x 14, 9, 7

reverse pec dec (30 s rest):  60 x 18, 11, 6

dumbbell shrugs (30 s rest):  90s x 10, 10, 10, 5

short bridges (1 min rest):  50, 50, 50

prone frog raises (1 min rest):  25, 13, 14

standing bodyweight calf raises (1 min rest):  85, 85, 85, 85


notes:  no cardio!  sorry, short on time.

I blazed through the shoulder work, partly because they are all limited rest exercises, and also the weight was light, since I am still building my shoulders up.  Well, the shrugs didn’t feel light per se, but they were not very draining.

dumbbell shrugs


However, the reverse pec dec… YEESH.  I knew my gym had a pec dec, I tried to just put the pads all the way back, and sit in it backwards.  But for it to really work when you are a big guy like me, you need free swinging handles, not fixed pads.

It should look like this

free swinging handles


Not like this:


I don’t mind using it for forward facing, but when I turned around, it locked my arms into a goal post shape, and it did not work AT ALL for my reverse flys.  It felt like a sure way to hurt myself.  Luckily the weight was light, and it was over before I realized how much I hated it.

I guess I am stuck using dumbells for now until my gym gets a decent pec dec.  pfft, weak.


When I looked at the clock, I realized I actually had time and energy to burn, so I decided to do some leg raises and short bridges and calf raises.  Those were more tiring than the weights!  haha  I hadn’t done bridges in a whikle, last time I tried them I almost pulled my hamstring, but to my relief they felt pretty good today.


short bridges – I hope I made it look better than this


I was actually quite happy with the frog raises, I finally pumped out a full set of 25!  These heavy-ass legs of mine can’t stop me now!


my hands weren’t under my butt, that is a wuss move 🙂


And then I ran to work, and saved the day!


Lesson here is:  don’t let a hectic life keep you from the gym.  You need the gym, it will help you do the rest of your day too.  Just find ways to shorten the time, don’t take long rests between sets, do supersets, trisets, giant sets, limited rest-pause methods, whatever you have to do!


see you later!