this weekend, I had a dream.  and that dream involved getting some cardio under my belt.


I am dreaming of cardio here… I can multitask!


Sometimes I have taken one or both weekend days off, but

A. I was feeling solid

B. I wanted to test the preworkout powder out, without the “pump” pills

C.  I wanted to keep burning away


So Saturday I showed up with my neighbour for a little Saturday morning Spin class.  It seems like it is pretty much a different instructor every Saturday morning, must not be a popular slot.  This morning it was an older lady… well I don’t mean OLD, but when the avg age is mid 20s and you see someone obviously over 40, then they are relatively old.  Hey, I love older teachers, they give you more breaks!  Seriously, I love getting pummelled into the ground, but a decent restbreak can be nice too. 🙂

By that logic, I should be down in Boca del Vista, rocking the stationaries with this crafty old vetter


To be fair, my teacher on Sat looked AWESOME for her age.  She was hotter in her 40s than most men or women in their 20s.  I can only hope I look that fit in 10 years.

The Sat class itself was pretty good!  She could work the crowd quite well, for a floater she managed to get her hooks into our motivation quite fast.  The only downside is that she had really wild, crazy aggressive eyes and a big wide cocky grin.  She reminded me of Jane Lynch.


it was at this point she didn’t seem quite as sexy any more


As for the N0 Extreme powder, it held up!  I was sweating like crazy, but it was a clean hard sweat, no jitters, even energy.  Often by the last few songs of the class I feel beat up and depelted, but this time I still had some pep in my step!  The best indicator is typically in our RPM class we do intervals at about Song 5/8 (up, down, up, down), then a straight ahead race on Song 6, then we do some standing climbs on Song 7.  Normally I am pretty wobbly on that last standing climb, but this time I still felt peppy, I could hover low over my bars and sway from side to side like I do at the start of class.

sorta like this


Interestingly, this was roughly how I felt Friday when doing my leg workout, the same kind of energy and focus.  Which MIGHT suggest the NO3 Chrome does nothing.  I will keep that in mind.


After the hourlong Spin class, I actually still felt ready for more punishment!  Luckily, I has not had my second calf session yet that week, so I did some standing bodyweight calf raises:  4 sets of 85, with about a minute rest between each.  then I went home and chilled out 🙂


Sunday!  I got up for another morning Spin class, this time with my fav regular RPM teacher.  Again, took the powder w/o the pills.  Again, crazy solid class.  I had energy from start to finish!  Not that I took it easy on myself.  I was not shy about turning up the resistance, and actually ground to a halt a few times in both Song 3 and Song 7.  Like, you turn it up so high, you HAVE to go into a standing climb, we do a standing climb, then back in the saddle for a “power climb”, then we turn it up again, then another standing climb, then we go back down for another power climb, that was too much for me, my legs came to a complete stop.  Not that I should be surprised, if I am barely making the pedals turn pushing down with all my weight and my muscle strength when I am standing, I am gonna be screwed when I sit down 🙂  So that second power climb I turned the dial down, tried to move my legs, nope, not happening.  I turn it down two more times, ok NOW they can move, so I start chugging away again.

Some people might say I had it up too high, I say NAY.  You have to challenge yourself!  I detest those people that don’t crank up the resistance, and it’s like a whole hour of recovery.  You can do that on your own time, when you show up for a class, you push it beyond your edge and follow the teacher’s lead like the rest of us!  And if you fail and stop, then that is how you get stronger!


I read this saying the other day:

Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger


That is SO true.  People can’t be afraid to fall down.  When trying to get fit, you can’t be afraid to fall down, and you can’t be afraid to rest when it’s over.  These things both make you stronger.  So I cranked up the resistance so high, I spun until I failed.  That to me is a sign of a good class.


Again, the preworkout powder held up.  I didn’t do anything after the class, I had errands to run, including typing up this post!  I hope you enjoyed it 🙂


I will leave you with some further motivational from once again Arnold