As it turns out, I was coming down with something.  Tuesday I took off, stayed home, rested, tried to recover my energy, wait for the sore throat to go away.


Wednesday, I was still not feeling awesome.  But I had something to prove.  Sometimes you step into the gym and you are walking on clouds, you feel like the world is perfect and your friend.  And sometimes you step in and you feel wretched, your energy is low, and the gym is the last place you wanted to be.  I have been that guy who skipped the gym because he didn’t feel on top of the world.  How many dozens of times have I brushed the gym off?


But things are different this year.  This year, I feed off the gym, I don’t go in there feeling awesome, I walk out feeling awesome.  It makes me better, stronger.  I felt low and weak, but I was going to go into the gym and bleed all over the floor if I had to to feel that buzz.

White men love Fight Club. It’s a fact.


Back & Biceps

assisted chinups (1 min rest):  11, 8, 6

one arm bent over dumbbell row (10-ish sec rest, back and forth arm to arm):  70 x 10, 9, 6

closegrip row machine (30 sec rest):  240 x 8, 4, 5, 5, 3

pinwheel curls (2 min rest):  80s x 5, 5, 5

seated dumbbell curls (30 sec rest):  50s x 12, 8, 6, 5, 5, 4, 5


notes:  cardio 10 min before, 20 min after.

chinups better than last week, 1 more rep each set across the board, so I am happy 🙂


I would like to take a moment to point something out.  I am so glad my gym has an assist machine for chinups/pullups.  Every gym has lat pulldowns.  Lots of people can’t do a pullup and so do lat pulldowns instead to get stronger.  On some technical level, this is correct.  But I have found doing a pullup is WAY different than doing a lat pulldown.  It should be roughly the same but it is not.  So I will state here my opinion:

The only way to get better at chinups/pullups is to do them.


Simple as that.  Lat pulldowns are great for building strength, but something about a pullup is superior for building strength in my mind, and lat pulldowns will not make you better at pullups half as fast as doing a pullup.  Seems almost TOO logical, right?  If you can’t do a chinup, find an assist machine, find a resistance band you can loop under one foot, focus on doing negatives stepping off a chair, SOMETHING.  But learn how to pull yourself up

Your life lesson for the day 😛


OK, dumbbell rows getting harder, haha!  I have had to take a few seconds breather between arms.  The closegrip row, I was not confident with my form and my control, so I will chalk it up as a fail, and do 240 again next week.  To my horror, I realized later I was supposed to take longer rests with the machine rows!  It was supposed to be 30 seconds rest the first few times, then up it to 45 sec rest between minisets 3-5.  So if I had followed the plan and gotten full rest, I might have done better, haha oh well, I will try to redeem it next week.


one arm bent over DB row


Went for the 80s with the pinwheels this week.  I might have to start leaving them on a bench in between sets, yanking them off the ground is tiring, and I need all the energy I can get!  One tip I would give for weights in general, TIGHTEN UP.  You often hear people say explode with the weight.  What I take that to mean is tighten up your core, squeeze with your grip, go for the weight agggressively.  If you squeeze the dumbbells with your grip, you activate the forearms, you tense up your core, you will do better, trust me, this also works quite well for bench presses, but it really applies to most exercises, you have to get fired up.

So with the pinwheels, I pull them off the ground hard and get to it, and don’t let up on my grip.  The worst thing I could do is to lift the dumbbells off the ground, let them hang by my sides and stare into the mirror uselessly.  If you do that you lose your grip, your arms pull out of the sockets a little, you lose tension in your biceps, you make it way harder on yourself.

this pic is supposed to be demonstrating hammer curls. this pic is a total failure.


Then it was time for seated alternating twisting dumbbell curls.  All out war!  I threw myself at it hard.  Try as hard as I did, I legitimately could not hit 50 good reps with 50 lb dumbbells.  No shame in saying I failed that one, so I will hit it again next week.  But when I was done…. WOO BOY did I feel a good pump in my biceps!  I just straightened my arms out and stared in the mirror for a bit, it was intense!


When I was doing cardio I noticed the gym was full of hotties!  Was it hottie night?  I don’t think my cardio was all that superintense, but my neck is a little sore, haha.  Oh well, too bad I am a fat schlub.  *sigh*


bye guys!  would love to read any comments you might have!