I subscribe to the Daoist (aka Taoist) belief that everything reverses direction upon reaching it’s opposite.  Take something too far and it snaps back, like an elastic.  This means 2 things to me, personally:

– everything will pass, all the good times, all the bad times, they will pass away; even the good times contain the seed of their own misery, and if you look really hard into your awful moments, rays of light will creep in

– if you want a good moment to last, change it up; take the root of your intention and graft it to a new plant, to encourage new growth.  if you want a bad time to end, don’t hide from it, face it and let it run it’s course

the classic yin-yang symbol

So here I am, trying to lose weight, get fit, get strong, be happy.  It’s been one long solid effort for about a year and a half, a few injuries and illnesses along the way, temporary derails at best.  How do you keep it from getting stale?  I took up hot yoga, found out I loved it.  Dabbled in bodyweight calisthenics.  I switch up my resistance training routine every few months, tried out a spin marathon.  And this month I find myself in the midst of a 30 day hot yoga challenge, complete with resistance training 🙂  New yoga teachers, generally speaking, every endeavour is a little bit different.  But I am always thinking ahead, thinking to what my next mini-challenge could be.

The above speaks to the second meaning of the parable.  As to the first, I woke up this morning and FELT GOOD.  The clouds had parted, the sun was shining in.  It was time for the good times 🙂

sunrise, sunrise

I headed off to hot yoga for a noontime class with Amber.  I even managed to take my pixx BEFORE the class!  Am I a genius or what?

Amber is one of the co-owners of this studio, and one of the most popular teachers in the city, so her classes are often packed.  Even a holiday Monday, even Labour Day, this was no exception.  Full room!  My personal intention for this class was to take it easy on myself, don’t force it, and ENJOY myself!

The class was SO much fun!  The room had a really good vibe, it was a good crowd.  I swear I could feel the positive energy in the room, noone was down on themself, everyone tried, sometimes they sat out, sometimes I sat out, but we were all HAPPY,  you could feel it.

60 minute power flow, linking movements to breath.  We started out with core and ab work, whaaaaa?!!  That was not unusual for an Amber class, but I am accustomed with most other people doing abs near the end.  Since it was the start, I had much more energy, so I wasn’t godawful – not awesome, just not awful 🙂

I should really write down the sequence right after, like take a notebook, it gets hard to remember it 9 hours later, haha!  a few sets of warrior 1’s, chaining the warrior 1 the second time to a 2, next time around the warrior 2 by itself, with eagle arms.  We squatted, for some people that meant crow pose, for me that meant more squatting haha.  short burst seated prayer twists, short burst chair poses.  towards the end we did bridges, and I opted for supported bridge, made it highly restorative for me 🙂  I stretched my legs out though, to get a better stretch for my spine.

I find this super comfortable! Except I always cactus my arms out to the sides.


During the final savasana, I kept feeling the good vibes, talk about day and night from the last few days!  My head was in a much better space.

I was supposed to do chest and tri on monday, but the gym has terrible hours on holiday monday, and I was going for a consult with a physical trainer at 5, so I told my shoulder it has worked hard enough for today, and gave it the rest of the day off.  Tomorrow though, chest and tris, and will do Yin in the evening, so I don’t overwork the ole’ delts.

So I met a personal trainer today for a consult, another person doing the 30 day challenge with me, Leslie Robertson.  (Hi Leslie!)  She actually has her own wordpress blog you should check out:  http://getfitwithles.wordpress.com/

I met with Leslie because I am thinking ahead to what comes next after the 30 day challenge, I need a new endeavour to graft onto, to find new growth.  She agreed to take me on for a 12 pack of sessions in October, and a test run next Wednesday (Sept 12) !  I haven’t had a PT in a while, and am excited to see how I have changed since the last PT, and what PT goodness she can extract out of me.  I liked the last PT I met with, but she wanted a full year commitment, and I still feel like I need to pilot my own vessel.  The 13 sessions with Leslie are an extended sample, and I am keeping an open mind, if I love them, I can always commit to way more!

Of course this means one more month with my current workout routine, so I am going to work that one like a rented mule all month!

Beast mode engaged

I love you guys SO MUCH today, I will keep this short!  So much more I could say, but I will save it for another time.  But today was awesome, just a smooth vibe all around 🙂

See you tomorrow.