It’s been a full week, and I haven’t talked much about diet.  Well today it was ALL about diet.

I didn’t do anything in the morning, but at work, I felt really uncomfortable.  I think it was a combination of a few factors:

– I haven’t had junk food, especially pop since the challenge started, I have kept my diet tight on foods where I at least know who made them and what they are made of, and are made of words most people can pronounce.  The first few days for me after I ditch junk food have the sharpest cravings, but the next few days after that are the “shakes”, where my body keenly feels the lack of the artificial non-nutrients.  Going through withdrawal basically.

– I haven’t hit the weights in a few days now, and based on past habits, when I am ditching the weights I am usually hitting the dirty snacks.  So my body is probably REALLY confused.  No dumbbells but no potato chips either, whafk??

Personally, I think eating junk food hits you on a few different levels.  There is the immediate payoff, the joy when it hits your mouth.  This is a pretty short-lived high.  Most of us know the routine:  the McDonalds tastes really good when you are sucking it down, but you feel queasy when you are done.  Then there is the deeper payoff, you take the food in, break it down, and sustain yourself off this stew of artificial preservatives, you store the aspartame or msg or whatever in your body like insulation, and so when your intake no longer includes this regular supply of insulation, your body probably panics a bit, thinking your diet might be changing because you are in some crisis.  Ironic of course, because you are actually cleaning your diet up, but your body needs time to realize, “oh yeah, this new food getting shovelled in is a LOT better”.

I have wasted away on junk food for a LONG time.  Why did it take so long to change my mentality?  Didn’t I want to be in shape before?  Why do I keep going back to it?  I will try and break it down.

I like this one quote George Carlin gave once irt his cocaine use in the 70’s, when he was on Inside the Actor’s Studio.  It isn’t a brand new idea, I have heard it from other people, but George, as always, is extra-eloquent.

He said that it involves a balance of pleasure and pain.  When you first start using the junk, the pleasure and the benefits far outweigh the pain or the drawbacks.  But as you use more and more, you just feel the pain all the time, and have to chase harder and harder to experience the pleasure.  It was like that with me and junk food.  The first junk food after a prolonged diet tastes AWESOME.  But as I kept eating the crap, I couldn’t extract much enjoyment out of it.  By the end, it would be like “ok, time to order my dinner by phone.  What HAVEN’T I eaten in a while?  What can I order that will not depress the shit out of me?”

Link between fast food and depression

It’s a sad state of affairs when you have to pick the food that will depress you the least.  Food is to be anticipated, enjoyed and a source of nourishment.

So here I am today, depressed and missing it.  I wanted pop or a coffee flavored Monster or a plastic-wrapped danish (not a fresh danish, but a preserved danish)

I held strong, I was just miserable.  I also experienced a bit of acid reflux, as my stomach went on strike.  I came home and slept and rested.  When I woke up I went across the street for some biryani at the resto.  Honestly?  It tasted gross, the rice tasted ok but mushy, the spices were not that good, and the chicken pieces tasted old.  I guess I wasn’t going to enjoy any food today.  Sigh.

I hadn’t done any exercise yet, so as soon as I felt balanced, I headed down to the gym for some late-night cardio.  Started up past 10 pm.  10 pm on a Friday!  At the gym.  My life.  Sigh.

I jumped on the arc trainer, fired up the tunes (Silversun Pickups, glad you asked!), set it at 75% resistance and incline 9 (max setting of 10), and started up.  I tested my pulse 5 minutes in and every 10 minutes thereafter.  I did cardio for one hour.  Pulse rate was low 70% range for the first half hour, then I upped it to high 70% for the second half hour.  This I figure is a pretty good burn rate for a sustained cardio session.

And the proof is in the pic!  Taken right after, sorry about the flash!  Check the sweat, I was soaked!

Came home after, and at 11:30 at night, the hallways of my apt building smelled like bbq pork… it smelled SO good!  Oh well.

See you tomorrow!