I wanted to sleep in quite bad this morning.  I figured it was a holdover from the double hot yoga class yesterday, so I indulged it.  Decided I would get all my exercise in after work.  While at work, I was chugging back the water, I just felt constantly thirsty for some odd reason.  I was mostly in meetings, listening to people talk.  During my lunch hour, I even wrote up a quick chest and tricep workout for myself, so I could do weights tonight if I wanted.

Bu the time I was to leave work and head home, I realized I wasn’t thirsty, my throat was becoming sore all day… Sore throat is usually my first stop before becoming sore.  What the hell man?!  I was JUST sick last week.  What is wrong with me?

By the time I get home, I have rationalized it out.  There is some bug in me, when I do a lot of physical activity, I don’t have the juice to fight off the bug and I become sick.  This is weird to me, since I take Glutamine for this very purpose!  Glutamine is supposed to give me an abundance of fuel to both work out and fight off bugs.  Not the same as raw energy per se… it’s just a common fuel between exercise and your immune system.  But nevertheless, there it is.  Sore throat is a minor thing, I could just keep going and wait until I actually fall hard sick again.  BUT – I have an appt with the physical trainer on Wednesday, and I need my energy for that.  So tonight I rest, I guess.

If this is what being old is like, it isn’t pleasant, let me tell you.

So tonight I did some breathing exercises, I meditated for about 7 minutes (stuffed up nose kept distracting me), and I did some surfing.  Came upon this from Scooby’s Workshop:

Perfect!  Something motivational to perk me up.  There was nothing new in there to amaze me, but it is just as valuable as that, it REMINDS me of what matters.  This is something I need to be effective as I try to get in better shape, I NEED to surround myself with fitness-minded people, it is like the air I breathe now.  When I don’t go to the gym or the yoga studio, not only do I miss out on the workout, I miss out on the sheer presence of all those awesome people!  It makes you feel a little lonely, like missing home.

Anyways, I totally agree with Scooby.  You beed to decide what matters in your life.  This is tough for me because I love video games, I love tv.  And if I am not careful, and tv or video games start to eat into my sleep time, then my sleep time throws off my workout time, then I feel out of character, and restless.  Then when I feel restless I end up medicating with food.  And it is a vicious cycle, do you see?

It all starts with prioritizing.

This entry is going to be short because I am forcing myself to go to bed SUPER early.  So I can get up early and rested and healthy.  So I can get back to the gym, and work on what my real priorities are 🙂

see you tomorrow!