I woke up this morning, fully and completely rested.  I almost forgot how nice it feels when you wake having FULLY slept.  You almost spring out of bed!  As opposed to when you get not enough sleep, when you have to pull yourself out of bed, with your feet dragging and your eyes hurting, until you can get a drink of water in you, or a coffee or whatever.

So I knew today I had the rest I needed, and could pick whatever I wanted to do.  Good start!  I cooked some food for the next couple of days, then headed to work.  In my downtime at work, I took a look at the schedules, and did some planning.  I have been very… “conscious” let’s say, about my first meetup with my new physical trainer tomorrow.  I wanted to do SOMETHING today, but I didn’t want to be all sore and stiff for my appt tomorrow.  Heck, my hips were still a little tender from the double class on Sunday!  I was rusty, so if I had a good resistance workout today, there would be DOMS tomorrow… painful merciless DOMS…

at least it’s not in his legs, those are the worst!


OK then, so cardio or yoga?  Maybe both?  I looked at the studio schedule for tonight.  There was a yin!  Awesome!  But it was a little too late for me, I wanted to have one foot in bed by 10 pm, so I could be super rested for tomorrow.  I noticed my local goodlife has a stretching class at 5:30!  Perfect!  I would dash out of work, do some cardio, do the class, do mOAR cardio, go home, rest up.


Unfortunately, I didn’t bring the yoga shorts with me.  I had some athletic shorts.  Oh well.  It wasn’t hot yoga, so as long as I don’t rip my seat doing pigeon I should be ok.

10 minutes on the arc trainer, running out of time!

Then I head into the yoga room, get comfy.  Lots of older people in this class!  No thoughts on that, just an observation 🙂  The teacher’s name is Lara (hope I spelled that right!), she asks what we would like to do.  Younger woman from the back of the room yells out “hamstrings!”, all the older people at the front groan out in unison, “back!”

So we go through some forward folds, then sit down, do some saddles, some seated forward folds (where was cobbler??  I love cobblers pose), some twists.  Some savasana.  At this point, savasana exists in another time and space for me, I lose all track of time in savasana, my brain enters a fugue state.  So when she said the 60 min class was over, I was like huh??  already?  Wow.  For me it I guess it was a lot of hamstring and groin stretching, and a good chunk of meditation.

It was probably what I needed, for my hips and for my nerves.

After class, a pic for posterity of me and Lara!

All the old folks took off like a shot, we were alone in the room; feels so odd to me, at the studio, people always hang out after and socialize!  That’s part of yoga to me, the community… to skip that is to miss out!  On another note, why is it so hard for me to smile during self-shots?  lol, I am having a good time, I promise!

the community!


So I left class, got back on the arc trainer.  I think aggressive hamstring stretching wasn’t a good idea before more cardio, my legs felt like rubber, LOL.  So 25 min of that, probably around 70% heart rate, then I called it a night, and came home.  But for good measure, I WALKED home.  In the soft rain, lol.  Did I mention it’s been raining all day?  I kind of like rain sometimes, a cool soft rain at the end of a hot summer.  So I walked in the rain, maybe a 35 min walk, made it home.  Looking forward to a long sleep, and then tomorrow… I will be ready for a killer workout (stay tuned!)