So me using the term Rocktober yesterday was a big hit 🙂  But then I saw someome advertising a “drink only water” challenge this month, and they called it Aquatober.  So what do you think?  I joined that too.  October will be a month of rocking it out with the personal trainer, taking all challenges… and drinking only water.  Thus, Rocquatober!

So, apparently over the weekend, I grew some kind of evil cyst in my left front shoulder.  Perhaps not coincidentally, this is where my sprain was.  Coincidence?  What is a cyst?  It’s basically just a closed sac with weird crap inside.  They can happen all over and inside your body.  It is very possible the sprain caused some fluid blockage, and it resulted in a cyst in my anterior delt.  I am not a doctor, and I don’t get to see mine until next week, but it seems like a cyst to me.  The doctor will probably open it up, drain it, try and remove the sac as well, and that will probably be the end of it.  Over the weekend though, it just flared up quite bad, got big, red, sore.

a little sore, mostly due to the pressure it is causing

I became a little worried this would affect my workout.  I warned my Trainer, and waited to see if it would get too tight during the workout.

So I showed up a little early for the workout, and waited for the door to open.  Eager to start!

The plan for today was a fullbody workout.  In a fit of mercy, Leslie took pity on me (maybe to observe my shoulder), and she kiboshed the circuit training in favour of just doing the exercises in 3 sets, with about a minute of rest between each.

A.  5 minutes warmup on the elliptical machine

B.  dumbbell chest press:  60s x 12, 12, 12

Apparently, this drew appreciative comments from the trainer and the client to my right.  I hated to break it to them, but I can go heavier 🙂  Fat man strong!  So I tried to focus on form, and see how my shoulder felt – it was getting a little tired by the end, so I think it was a good weight to play with.

C.  Squats against the wall (exercise ball behind my back), using 40 lb DBs, 3 sets of 12

I was real worried doing this that I was going to pop the ball, hahaha, so I tried not to lean on the ball and use my core more.  This tired me out a LOT faster, lol.

D.  1 arm bent over dumbbell rows:  40 lbs x 12, 60s x 12, 12

We quickly realized 40s weren’t going to cut it, so we went heavier.  The weight felt good, had some good strain towards the end.

As a plus, when I use the heavy weight, my trainer has to drag them around, from the rack over to me!  Lots of grunts and duck walking.  I think that is a fair trade, I’m the one who has to push and pull them over and over 🙂

E.  Step-ups with dumbbells – 20s x 12 (each leg), 30s x 12, 12 (each leg)

Again, we decided to go heavier.  These wore me out!  All exercises involving me hauling my bulk around are a quick way to burn through my energy.  But that’s good, this is where I NEEEED to put in the work, it will burn the most calories and my core needs the work.  After every set, I wobbled over to the chair to sit down.  This marked the beginning of the end of my endurance, haha.

Sensing the nadir of my workout was fast approaching, Leslie cut out 2 exercises (triceps and hamstrings).  We probably would have run out of time anyways, we only had an hour.

F.  Bicep Curls:  standing, both arms together 40s x 10; then seated 35s x 10, then 30s x 10

This one I had to run my big mouth, and talk about how much I USED to do.  So she put me to the test, and my form was horrid.  So she kept lowering the weight.  Embarassing.  I feel I still owe Leslie one good bicep workout.  My biceps owe that dumbbell rack one vicious ass-beating.  Mark my words.  Part of it may have been how low my energy had sunk and how beat up I felt,.  Excuses excuses.

G.  Abs – full situps: middle, to the right, to the left – 10,10,10 / 8,8,8 / 6,6,6

These consumed the remainder of my energy.  I started to whine about my sore tailbone, and while that is true, my tailbone took more of the weight because my abs were running out of gas.  By the end I was grunting without shame.  Oh well, these were just the first of many unflattering grunts to come.

Here is a pic of me, doing yoga ab stretches between sets

Suptobattakonasana.  Don’t front, you know you all LOVE to do that in the middle of a tough yoga class.  Feels SO good.


After that, I lay on the floor for a few minutes, then dragged my butt to the showers.  Their showers are huge!  I could write my memoirs in there.  My feet were dragging hard!  I think it took me 20 minutes to shower and get changed.

I am at home now, worn out, but happy.  My biceps and chest are all, “we could have done more!” but the rest of me yells “shut up!”

Looks like I have another session tomorrow!  Oh crap!