OK, well maybe I am being melodramatic.  But the diet hit me this weekend.  Which also happened to be Thanksgiving weekend.  It has been rough (I like to call it “low carb crazy”).

I was warming up to the diet all last week, then Friday really cranked it on.  I eat vegetables (those have carbs), but no pasta or bread.  My daily carb blast (brown rice, quinoa, or some sweet potato) I try and save for right before the gym, which means two things:

– I have energy for the workout

– I am in a good mood for the gym

The first week is the hardest.  Saturday I was just tired and miserable, haha.  I can tell it’s a carb thing, because I treated myself to a tasty steak, and normally a steak would be the greatest thing I could eat, but all I could think this weekend was, “hmmm, not really all that great… you know what would be great?  a steak sandwich…”

The real kicker to it all was that it’s  Thanksgiving.  Being on a diet during the holidays is hard enough, I grew up in a house where you ate what Mom cooked, and you never complained, not once.  No requests, no dietary restrictions, she makes it, you eat it, everything she puts on your plate, nothing left to waste.  So to say hey no stuffing for me, and just a handful of turkey thanks?  CRAZY.  But even worse than a diet on Thanksgiving?  A diet you just started… because you haven’t built up the routine yet, and your energy is still low.

But I hung tough.  Looking forward to moving on and getting used to the diet, haha.

Also, this weekend I did a chest and back workout.  My trainer is out of town, so I made up a short routine for myself, in addition to all the cardio, which is unavoidable.  I did a bunch of dumbbell chest presses, because I love them, like 9 working sets, and then I supersetted the machine press with the lat pulldown.  Those were tough!  They will leave you gasping.  After that, one more back exercise, and I decided to try something new.  I picked a machine, and challenged myself to do 100 reps!  The idea is you pick a relatively low weight, you do as many as you can, then you take a rest determined by 100 minus the reps you have done so far in seconds.  Sound complicated?  It’s not.  Let’s say you bust out 40 reps then have to stop.  100 – 40 = 60  So you rest for 60 seconds then keep going.  Then you keep going and only make it to rep 60 (they add up, you don’t start over).  So you now wait for 40 seconds.  Keep going to 75, rest for 25 seconds.  etc etc  (it helps to be good at arithmetic in your head haha).

Chest Press w Dumbbells (2 min rest b/w sets):  50 x 13, 60 x 12, 70 x 10, 80 x 6, 90 x 2, 80 x 5, 70 x 10, 60 x 13, 50 x 10

machine press/widegrip pulldown superset (1 min rest b/w supersets):  135 x 12/180 x 10, 150 x 12/180 x 10, 165 x 8/180 x 8

narrowgrip machine row: 90 lbs – 25 reps, 75 sec rest, 20 reps, 55 sec rest, 18 reps, 37 sec rest, 17 reps, 20 sec rest, 12 reps, 8 sec rest, 8 reps

1 hour cardio after

notes:  this was my first time running the dumbbells since I aggravated my shoulder in September, so I wasn’t willing to go all out.  I stayed cautious for fatigue in my left shoulder.  Happily, I don’t feel too far from where I left off.  I am still right on the threshold of breaking into the 100 lb dumbbells!  It’s coming.

I haven’t supersetted chest and back like this before, so I was still cautious, about my shoulder and everything else.  I decided if I could hit 12 reps, I up the weight the next set.  But as it turns out, I couldn’t keep it slow and controlled on lats long enough to hit 12 (maybe it doesn’t help it is the second in the superset), so pulldowns stayed the same while machine press went up.  It was fun!  Leaves you panting, but good.

Machine rows I wanted to hit 40 reps on my first mini-set, so I wasn’t happy about 25.  It wasn’t my back that got sore and tired, it was my shoulder, so I decided to be kind and not push it.  Darn that shoulder!  Always spraining, getting infected, what a jerk shoulder!

Anyways, the afternoon carbs are wearing off, so I don’t feel like typing anymore, lol.

Back to real life!  the long weekend is over!  Back to the office job, back to the trainer, back to Rocktober!  Bye guys!