I am still nursing my shoulder until I can see the doctor to treat the infection, so Leslie the trainer agreed to make today leg and core day!  Hooray!

OK, Leslie could sense my lack of enthusiasm.  Not that I don’t have strong legs, all heavy guys do, but bodyweight leg exercises for heavy guys are both the greatest tool we have for losing weight, and our greatest source of embarassment.  If we were great at moving our bodies around, we would be less heavy, haha.  The only thing I feel more awkward and clumsy and ponderous at than a series of lunges, would be jumping around.  I fear the day I get asked to do plyometrics, haha.  (by the way, plyometrics for heavy people is dangerous, it can mess up our joints, be very careful)

But then again, I know leg days are my path to weight loss, along with oceans of cardio, so I accept it.  And yet, Leslie picks up on my lack of enthusiasm, haha.

Further complicating today was me still getting used to my diet after a full day of work.  It would be correct to say my energy was not high heading into the workout, for all sorts of reasons.

On with the show.

Deadlifts 45 lbs (just the bar) x 12, 95 x 12, 135 x 12, 135 x 12

We used the bar so she could check my form.  It was ok, but at the bottom, I start to round out my back a little bit, so I need to stay vigilant for that.  Last time I was deadlifting regularly, it was 185 lbs, so I am looking forward to working my way back up to that and beyond.  This series of sets was more about my form. (and my back was still a little tired from back day a few days ago, haha)

Vertical Leg Press:  225 x 12, 360 x 12, 360 x 12

I wanted to go as deep as I could to make up for last week, so Leslie and I made sure I went down as far as I could before the gut got in the way, haha.  Here is a pic at 360

8 plates = 360 lbs

My goal with going as deep as I could was to try and use my hamstrings too, since it is leg day 🙂


Wall Squats w Ball & 80 lbs:  12, 12, 12

Grabbed the 40 lb dumbbells and squatted down with the ball against the wall.  I still worry I am going to pop the ball, but I am trusting it a little more.

Lunges (bodyweight):  12, 12, 12

OK for these, my legs started to run out of gas.  I did 12 walking lunges, but I started to do 2 things:  my knee started to drop to the floor, and I was starting to lean forward when I lunged.  This meant my legs were tired and my core was tired.  In other words, my form was crap.  So to work on form, Leslie had me do them side by side with a wall corner, so I could brace one hand on the wall.  I did 2 more sets with the wall assist.  Kind of embarassing, but it’s the truth, my core and legs were tired.

Lateral Step Ups:  BW x 12, 40 lbs x 12, 12

OK, these say lateral, but it was more of a diagonal move, I kept one foot on the step, and brought my off leg back and to the side when I stepped down.  Bodyweight was too easy, so we added 20 lb dumbbells.  I probably could have gone heavier, my form was spotty and I was breathing heavy, but that was more of a reflection of me than the dumbbells.  Again, legs out of gas.

Lying Leg Raises:  12, 12, 12

Running out of time so our core work (other than the core work in all the other leg exercises) was leg raises, which I enjoy because I collect most of my fat around the lower abs, so lower ab exercises are just what I need.  I kept my palms up, I think it makes it a little harder, you don’t get to push against the ground.  Kept them nice and slow, legs weren’t straight as a rod, room for improvement.

I thought my calves were big, look at my upper thighs!  Crazy.


All in all, it was a hard workout, exactly what I needed.  On the other hand, it was a cold slap.  Lunges and step ups shouldn’t be so hard.  Leslie doesn’t know (noone does, actually) what it was like for me last year when I first started my weight loss, all the thousands of stairs and the thousands of half squats.  Literally thousands.  Squats until I collapsed on the floor, and my quads seized and actually protruded and made square edges.  Sitting in my cubicle at work all sweaty and out of breath because I did 10 flights of stairs every 2 hours.  And then I slacked off this spring and summer, and it’s like I went back 3 spaces.  It is embarassing because I was so much better not that long ago, even heavier than I am now.  I have a lot to catch up on.