Wednesday my foot was feeling stiff (I have gout), my sore tailbone was aggravated by the rowing machine on Tuesday, and my shoulders were just plain sore from hard work.  Whine, whine, whine.

Leslie gamely agreed to make this low to no impact for my feet.  So… upper body day!  Happy dance!

Thankfully, Leslie wasn’t offended by my diss of the arm component of a fullbody workout.  My arms are weak as shit anyways, I need the work wherever I can get it.

10 min on elliptical

assisted pullups:  6, 6, 6

bent over barbell rows:  65 x 15, 115 x 12, 12

mean muggin

close grip pulldowns:  180 x 12, 200 x 12, 12

pad for my sore tailbone

pushups on grips – from knees x 15, 15; regular pushups x 12

Dumbbell Flyes:  50 x 15, 60 x 12, 12

Seated Dumbbell Press:  90 x 12, 12, 10*

arching your back accentuates the gut

Superset Lateral Raises to Front Raises:  20×12/10, 20×12/30×10, 20×12/30×10

hard work for my bad shoulder

Bicep curls:  45 x 15, 15, 10



Notes:  no pix of the pullups, since Leslie was busy trying to keep me alive.  We looped a heavy rubber strap around my knee and had me do pullups.  First challenge was to keep from swinging back and forth, so Leslie had to brace me with her hands.  My first time using a band, was interesting.

side note:  clingy thin white shirts are not my friend.  stick to dark, heavy t-shirts for workouts where cameras are present.

My first time doing barbell rows, usually I use dumbbells.  Was not bad, can definitely go heavier as I get used to it.  Pulldowns also light.

Pushups are ok, still have a long ways to go before I am back to where I was.  I like using grips though, I should buy some.  Flyes felt really good, have been using the pec dec for months.  It was just one of those exercises where your body cries out YES, just what I needed!  Looking forward to doing more of those.

The shoulder presses got hard as my shoulder got tired, on that last set, they ran out of gas around rep 7, Leslie had to force/assist the last few reps.  By rep 10, by the look on her face I think she was realizing the next one would be all her, hahaha.  C’mon Leslie, you can do underhand front raises with 45 lb dumbbells!  wuss!  😛

Those bicep curls were sad, all I was using was the olympic bar.  My arms were just done, that last set of 15 was painful and sad (and only went to 10).  Curling just the bar… son, I am disappoint.  I can do better.  Part of it was how uncomfortable my grip was, my hands kept wanting to turn inwards so hard, my pinky was almost coming off the bar as I curled it.  Stupid straight bars!


Thursday (tonight), I went to Spin class after work for some offday cardio.  I will not put up a picture of that instructor, because she was HORRIBLE.  Just so bad.  I don’t want to identify her, that is wrong, but she is wretched.  I won’t even comment, I did the spin, got my cardio out of the way, she was a bad teacher, move along, nothing to see here.

So in it’s place, here is an older pic of me with my FAVORITE spin teacher!  Her name is Andrea, her classes are the goods!

men forget to smile in photos sometimes


After the spin class, I decided to “treat” myself to a double shot of fresh squeezed wheatgrass juice from Booster Juice.  Never tried it before.  UGH!  It made me ill.  It tasted spicy in an odd way.  The burps were revolting.  That was much worse than the wheatgrass powder I used to mix with water.  My body owes my taste buds big time on that one.


Well, need to get some sleep!  Big day tomorrow!  Bye!