I had had a few days to get used to cycling off the supplements and the caffeine.  Admiitedly, my mood was flat.  Not LOW, not sad, just dull and flat.  Hard to explain.  Actually, normally when I go off coffee, I have blinding headaches for a few days and I go comatose.  Going off caffeine pills, the only effect was to make me really sleepy.  no headaches!  Awesome, right?

Showed up, and just had this feeling in my heart Leslie was going to bless me with a superfun corefree upperbody ego boost workout!!  And I was right!  I am psychic.  I was also determined to not be such a whiney whiner like Monday.  All positive today!


warmed up for 13 min on the elliptical (was there early)

deadlifts:  warmup w bar, 135×12, 155×12, 155×12

no pixx of 155 sorry 😦

chest press:  120×12, 120×12, 130×12

incline flyes:  60×12, 70×12, 70×12

we manufactured drama, but really I loved it!

pushups:  10, 10

oh god! more pushups!

oh, you silly pushups

Shoulder Press:  90×12, x10, x10

pic not available because Leslie was busy forcing reps out of me

Lat Raise:  10 lb DBs x12, x12, 15lb DBs  x12

all the cool guys prerip their sleeves for Arm Day or for Lat Raises. I didn’t make the rules, people.

Alternating Front Raise:  20 lb DBs x8, x8, x15


notes:  LOVE upperbody day!  hooray!  Looking forward to doing more weight with deadlifts.  Onwards and upwards.  Also looking forward to Leslie trusting me enough to let me press some 80s, 90s or dare I break in the 100s??  I know in my heart I can do them.  I just have no proof, yet.

Have I ever mentioned the hidden bonus of upper body day is I make Leslie drag around the heavy dumbbells?  MUAHAHAHA dragging around the 100 lb dumbbells *rubs hands menacingly*

By the time we got to shoulder presses, my anterior delts were gassed, even from the presses and the pushups.  The second set I pretty much failed around rep 7 and Leslie had to help me through a few more.  I tried to rally for set 3, but was pretty much spent around rep 7 again.  That’s the bonus of a spotter though, assisted extra reps!  More overload!  Microtrauma!  Coconut shoulders!

My shoulders recovered quickly though, because for the front raises, I showed off and did 15 reps on the last set.  I can probably go higher on the front raises.  In general the lat raises and front raises were easy, time to go heavier on those probably.


Fun stuff!  See you next time!