I meet with the Personal Trainer during the week, so the weekends are my own.  But I have had a lot of lazy weekends in my life, and so if I feel I have the time and the energy, I am going to do a little more.


Saturday WAS a day off.  I slept in, played video games, generally vegetated.  Sunday I got up to go a morning spin class with my neighbour.  Spin class was great!  Best one I have had in a while.  Song 5 was GnR Paradise City, and there was a 2 min power race near the end (guitar solo) that blew my mind, it felt so good.  Eyes were closed, sweat dripping, legs were pumping, it almost started to feel euphoric.  Song 6 and 7 I was still feeling blasted, recovery time was imperative.  One of those Spin classes where you can cruise on the good vibes for the rest of the day.


But the time at the gym wasn’t over!  I had warmed up, now time for some Back!

Row Machine (overhand grip):  90 lbs x30, 25, 20, 15, 10

Superset – underhand cable row (105 lbs) & neutral grip pulldown (105 lbs):  20/13, 20/15, 20/15

Superset – reverse pec deck (40 lbs) & straight arm pulldowns (40 lbs):  20/20, 20/20, 20/20


The workout felt great!  And even better, it was short!  I could have done cardio after, but I felt like Spin before had me covered.

The 100 reps of machine rows felt good, I wasn’t going all out because I knew I had a lot more to go.  That’s why the reps are so proportioned, I stopped at that rep on purpose.  Not that it didn’t get hard by the end, but this was my first run through this workout, and I wanted to keep the intensity down while I checked out how it felt.  A test run, if you will.  Still, I kept the traps down and squeezed on the contraction.  Rest was determined by how far away I was from 100, so after doing 30 reps, I waited 70 seconds.  My rest periods were, respectively:  70s, 45s, 25s, 10s.  So it gets real hard by the end!


I had never supersetted back exercises before, so the weights weren’t crazy, but the reps were high, 20 is a lot of reps for me for a set.  The underhand grip cable rows felt good, heavy but quite doable, but when I jumped over to neutral grip, my grip was shot and my back was tired!  Try as I might, I couldn’t do 20 reps on the back end of that superset.  Each time, the underhand was fine, but I couldn’t get er done on the neutral grip.  So if I run this again, underhand weight goes up and 105 is where I stay on the neutral superset.  By the 3rd set, I had a real nice pump going on in my back, which is a nice feeling with such a large area muscle.

neutral grip pulldown

I wanted to do rear delt flys the way I wanted to do them.  I didn’t want dumbbells, they feel awkward, I wanted either the cables or the pec deck with the free moving bars.  There was a guy doing tricep stuff on the cables, and the machine I wanted was tucked away up in the “personal trainer” area, where PTs take their clients so they can work out with less traffic.  But that area was empty, just roped off and empty.  So I went to the person working the desk, and asked if I could go there.  She said that was only for people who have paid for a PT.  I said but there is noone there!  She hummed and hawed for 30 seconds, but then gave me a clip on id and told me to go ahead.

The flys and the straight arm pulldowns felt not too heavy, so I just focused on the SQUEEZE, exploding on the flys and squeezing a pencil between my delts and then slow on the negative.  Same with the pulldowns, down hard and up slow.  They are lightweight exercises, for lesser used muscles, a good ender.

reverse pec deck

I considered doing some pullups, but the back was tired and the grip was gone, so I happily called it and went home.  Great day at the gym!

See you tomorrow, back to the regular schedule!