Sorry for the delay, lost my notes 🙂

Wednesday I headed to the private studio with Leslie to do some lower body stuff.  Workouts will be getting more regular in the future, 2 days a week, lower body day and upper body day, AKA awesome day and pain in the ass day!  Plus whatever workouts I do on my own time 🙂

Plus it was Halloween!  While everyone else was stuffing their face with candy, I was blessed with a bag full of heavy iron treats.  I like the thought of lifting while you pig out.  Let’s go!

Leslie showed up for work in full costume.

Silk Spectre! We meet again…

Workout: (60 sec rest b/w sets)

45 min of cardio on the elliptical

Barbell squats:  warmup, 115 x12, 135 x12, x12, x12

droppin into the pocket

walking lunges:  set of 20, grabbed 15 lb dumbbells and did sets of 20, 20, 16

vertical leg press:  315 x15, x15, x15

why, hello there

stiff-legged deadlift: 135 x6, x6 … *ominous music*

lying leg curls:  75 x12, 100 x12, x12

superset reverse crunches with bicycle crunches 15/24, 15/24, 15/24

notes:  cardio BEFORE weights?  and BEFORE leg day?  I was cruisin for a bruisin!  I had not done barbell squats in YEARS… so this was interesting for me.  I am looking forward to getting back up there in terms of weight, but this was a nice start.  The novelty of it plus the cardio left me so gassed that lunges were BRUTAL.  I was whining up a storm!  Every lunge burned in the forward leg, and the stretch burned in my back leg.  And then between sets, there was a girl half my size doing lunges like a walk in the park, with 40s… I slapped myself in the face.  They burned though pretty good.

Then the vertical leg press, 3 more sets, I was busting out all sorts of grunts by the end.  Then we moved to hamstrings.  I also had not done SLDL in years, maybe ever for all I can remember.  When we did it, it should have been ok, but it felt really awkward, and my lower back felt uncomfortable and nervous.  So I quit.  Just up and reracked the weight.  Both times.  Just went nope and reracked it.  It might be a mental block, so Leslie had me practice my form with no weight.  I fully intend to work on that, it beat me this time, I will beat it next time.  So we did lying leg curls, which were great, but again, heavy groans and fatigue near the end.  I actually thought Leslie started PUSHING the weight back down on me to torture me on the last set, turns out she only let go on the last few reps and I was feeling the whole weight, haha!

Now, for those ab exercises, I am ESTIMATING the reps.  Because by that point, I was struggling with both reps and form.  My form looked like shit, my core was done, and I was a crunching disaster.  I just had nothing left.

When I walked into the changeroom, I sort of felt like puking.  But that is what leg day does to you.  Honest.


Thursday I was offsite taking a course for work, and they had their own gym.  So I went down with a coworker to get a superquick lunch one in.  Time was so pressed (55 min to be back in my seat for the end of lunch), so I decided to do arms in 30 min, and no shower afterwards, haha.  Quick and dirty arm workout.  And did I mention it was also BRUTAL?  Short and deadly.

60 sec rest b/w sets, 6 exercises, 2 sets each, first set slow negative rep (lower the weight over a  5 second period), then a pump set


closegrip DB press:  warmup with 20s, warmup with 40s, 55s for a slow neg set of 8, 35s for a pump set of 20

rope extension:  90 lbs slow neg set of 10, 60 lbs pump set of 25

one arm seated extension: warm up with 20s, 30s for a slow neg set of 6 (each side), 15s for a pump set of 17/18


preacher curls:  55 lbs slow neg set of 10, 45 lbs pump set of 25

one arm cable curls:  30 lbs slow neg set of 10/10, 15 lbs pump set of 25/25

zottman curls:  20 lb DBs slow neg set of 6,  10 lb DBs pump set of 15

notes:  the first few sets were ok, but the 3rd exercise on each muscle group was brutally tough.  The weights weren’t high, but I was fatigued as hell.  Those slow neg zottmans were murder on my forearms.  I also crushed my thumb trying to do closegrip dumbbell presses 😦

Then my friend said it was 15 min until class started, so I wussed out on the zottman pump set and took off back to class, haha.  Short workout but deadly!!  Try it!


See you soon!

get fit with les!