Friday and I was feeling good, ready for some upper body!  Well, not my arms, they were happy to take a nap.  But the rest of me!

5 min warmup on the elliptical

dumbbell flat press:  warmed up with 35s, 70 lb DBs x12, x10, x9, x9

incline flys:  30s x12, 35s x12, 12

a compromising shot…

pushups!  6 normal ones, 9 from knees, rest, 5 normals, 10 from knees

pullups with rubber band:  8, 8, 8

this rubber band could launch me across the room

one armed row:  50 x12, 55 x12, x12

widegrip pulldowns:  200 x10, x12, x12

t-bar rows:  95 x12, 120 x12, x12

return of the mean muggin


And it was over like that!  No time for shoulders, I agreed to do that on my own time.  Just time for chest and back today, did arms yesterday.  See you soon!