Wednesday would be a busy day.  I slept in from the late night Tuesday activity, then rushed off to work.  After work, the plan was to get to the gym ASAP and do an arm workout, then rush off to the yoga studio for a 90 min session.  Woof!  Hopefully this would go off without a hitch.

Got out of work ON TIME (boss is away, no last minute requests, haha), then walked to the gym (only 10-15 min walk away, a nice warmup).

Arms: (90s rest between sets and exercises)

dumbbell skullcrushers w/30s x10, x10, x10, x10, x10, x10

2 hand seated extension w/60 x10, x10, x10, x10, x10, x10

bicep curl machine 70 x10, x10, x10, x10, x10, x10

seated alternating twisting curls (DB) w/35s x10, x10, x10, x10, x10, x10

notes:  volume week, lots of work, limited rest, lots of TUT (time under tension) helps keep the time requirement down.  this was pretty much all I could pack into one hour, no filler.  My form was pretty shaky near the end on the skullcrushers and the extensions, but I think I banged them out correctly, it just wasn’t smooth.  Which is how it will look as I ramp up the weight, so no worries.  Machine curls felt good, I still tried to either squeeze at the top or squeeze hard on the way up, so I can hit that peak of the bicep a bit.  The alternating curls felt good, I just tried to mentally focus on the PULL at the start of the ROM, it seemed to help me get good jumps on the set.

To my pleasant surprise, I had lots of time before yoga, so I sat in the sauna for a bit, took a shower, hopped on over to the studio.  Gigi was guiding us through a 90 minute “Forrest-inspired” yoga class.

can you tell a dude took this pic? haha, framing and lighting seems off

OK, most important thing to take away:  this class kicked my butt!  I knew I was rusty, but it wasn’t just me, I heard lots of groans and concerned looks from the rest of a relatively full room.  I found my spot near the back and in the corner, aka, the “I might be struggling” spot and settled in for a wild ride – I had never done this sort of class before.

What does “Forrest-inspired” mean?  Well, meaning Ana Forrest for one thing, her “style” or curriculum.  Saying “inspired” can mean you aren’t fully cleared to teach as Ana would teach it, but you have her permission to use her name, and her permission to blend her tricks with your tricks, etc.  My familiarity with taking classes with Gigi already meant I had some sense of what parts of her class were “Forrest”.

We started off with some breathing exercises.  I admit, I wasn’t very good at these.  I can experiment with different kinds of inhaling and exhaling, but she had us do them in saddle pose, which is a pose I heavily struggle with.  I spent most of my breathing exercises trying to get my knees to stack over each other.  Thank God for a spot at the back 🙂

Then after the breathing we did ab and core work.  I am used to doing ab work at the end as a finisher, this way it would pre-exhaust us before the physical yoga work.  Meaning the asanas would likely require some focus on the core as well.  Ya, I was not a superstar at the ab exercises.  I think I was supposed to keep my legs straight up and my shoulders off the floor for the entire 10-15 min, I spent lots of time near the end heaving on the floor.  3 or 4 various crunchy type exercises.

Then the asanas!  It wasn’t a “flow” type, we held poses for an extended period of time, which is where your core can start to come in, depending on how awkward the pose is.  There was a lot of shoulder work, which thankfully we broke up with some shoulder rolls.  We were constantly asked to focus on breathing through our ribs (“telescoping” them to the sides of the room), to focus on spreading our toes and fingers out in every position, and to keep our neck loose and relaxed.  To this end, when we did Warrior 2, we didn’t turn to face our forward hand, we kept looking to the side of the room. To make up for the hip work we would normally get out of the warriors, we did lunge type activities forever and ever.  The side benefit of this is we got to use our shoulders while relaxing our traps, which is something I rely too heavily on.  Traps are cool, but I need to be able to use them all equally.

Sometimes I wasn’t sure what we were doing, and I would pop my head up and look around to see what others were doing.  Inevitably when I would do this, I would see other heads popping up to look around also.  So I didn’t feel too bad.  At one point, we were doing sort of a sumo squat facing the side of the room, and Gigi suggested we lift our shirts while we do breathing exercises, as sometimes people have hangups about their guts.  While I was contemplating my gut, in a sumo squat, my body naturally decided this was the best time to break wind… I think I might have interrupted the teacher mid-sentence with my outburst…  At that point, I decided to surrender to the hard work and just smile while I did it, since my chances of being cool had flown out the window.

When we were doing warrior 2 legs (aka lunge with a straight back leg), we went through multiple poses on that bent front leg, by about the 10 min mark, I was mumbling, “ok, nope” and dropping down to my back knee.  Tired.  I wasn’t the only one, some people on the other side of the room started to laugh and vocalize, Gigi had to remind them this was a silent practice so we could proceed.  Then we got to do the other side, haha.

I would like to give all these moves names, but they were new, there was alot of them, and this post would go on forever, so maybe another time 🙂

At the end, as we lay on the ground, resting, Gigi reminded us of how awesome the 30 day challengers would feel towards the end of the month.  This being only Day 3 and feeling pulverized, I started to chuckle.  I know I am drained if I just start to laugh uncontrollably.  Next step – hysterics.

Came home, feeling really good!  I was worried about how my shoulder would take it, but it feels pretty good so far, even after a 90 min, somewhat “isometric” practice!  See you next time!