Woops! Ran out of time to post last night, so this is a double dip.

The big challenge to yoga, and maybe you can apply this to life in general, is to focus and maintain your breath.  This is MUCH harder than it sounds.  The poses get harder and harder, but the goal is the same, maintain your composure, breathe steady.  For me I have found my breathing has 2 enemies in yoga class:  painful change, and the quiet spaces.

Painful change is the one you knew was coming, AHHH this dragon pose is uncomfortable as hell, AHHHH

Quiet spaces though, they sneak up on you.  Right when the pose stops being painful, your mind starts to wander.  HMMM, pigeon pose is comfy tonight, HMMM I should write about this in my blog, HMMM I should write about distractions in my blog, HMMM is that the sound of someone opening their water bottle, HMMM I could sure go for a sip of water right now… and it goes on and on.

They are both the enemies of your breath, just focus on your breath.

So Thursday night, I went home after work and napped hard.  Then I went to late night yin.  Focus on Thursday was on hips.  Whenever you hear “we’re doing hips”, most ppl think oh shit Dragon pose!  With me though, I seem to have flexibility in my hips, not in EVERY direction, but in some poses my hips are good with it.  Double pigeon for example?  I can do that all day long, that’s pure chill for me.  With Dragon, it used to hurt, it used to be stressful, I would feel a lot of emotions.

But over the last year and a half of doing yoga, Dragon doesn’t bother me any more, there are no surprises.  Yeah it hurts, yeah I find my edge, but when other people are releasing emotions and going insane inside their head, I feel… nothing.  My emotions got smart, and don’t hide in my hips any more, they hide in my sprained shoulder or my knotty calves, or my sore IT band.  But not in my hips.  So when you are begging for the teacher to show mercy in Dragon, I am drifting into a state of reverie, just meditation.  That’s when the quiet spaces come in, I am struggling to stay focused, not struggling with the sensations.  The discomfort is inconsequential, the agony ephemeral.  Very zen.  At least until I start to spin my mind onto the rest of my day, then I lose my breath and have to catch myself.

Friday, I geared up for a workout with Leslie and then yoga right after.  It was shaping up to be a grueling day, at the end of a grueling week.  All this late night yoga had caused my sleep to suffer, it was coming in short naps, not marathon hibernations.  I was sure my leptin and ghrelin had gone to shit, and my mood was… “short”.  Even with the yoga, I was losing patience.  At everything.  I needed a massive sleep to just recharge my battery and my heart and brain fully, not in bursts.  I had energy to work out, don’t get me wrong, but my mood was… not right.

This must be going around a lot lately, because at the end of the workday, Leslie called me with an urgent message – she was not feeling well, and needed to go home and crash.  No session for us.  You would think I would be relieved, but it is no reprieve for me.  I don’t want to skip workouts, they are like skipping meals for me, you go hungry without feeding the beast.  HOWEVER, this meant Friday would be an easier day, yoga only, and I could spread my upperbody workout around over the weekend 🙂  So I can make lemonade out of this 🙂

I went home, ate, napped, headed to yoga.  It was Friday night by-donation class, meaning it was full of rude n00bs.  People who don’t know what “silent room” means, people with cell phones going off during the class, people breathing like wounded bulls and crashing around like drunken sailors, room packed to capacity, haha.  But it’s all good.  I arrived to find the teacher Lisa, crawling around on the ceiling like a Japanese horror movie.

the Grudge!

OK kidding.  She was very nice to do an arm balance for my blog on request, thanks Lisa!

Class itself was an hour, we went through the standard Moksha sequence, standing stuff, balance work, ab work, back work, twists, hip stuff, etc.  First time doing balance work in a while, I wasn’t TOO bad, not awesome though.  Again I suck at ab exercises, Lisa noticed and called me out on it, haha.  But hey!  Doing abs 5-7 times a week is too much!  I feel no shame in avoiding overtraining my already IMPRESSIVE abdominal section 🙂  So I did some ab stuff, but barely half of it.  I did the plank stuff though.

Left yoga, decided to treat myself to some tapas!  Tuna sashimi and a beet salad, thanks for asking 🙂

delish and fancy!

Looking forward to sleeping in super heavy tomorrow, then bring on the long weekend!  I have TONS of stuff at the gym planned.  Wish me luck!