Thursday night was an off day from the resistance training, so it was another Yin night.  The 30 day challenge is going well so far!  Hot yoga every single day.

There was a good vibe in the hot room that night.  For me, it was about more than the poses.  It was about the people.  And every person had their own little story.  There was me, blogging away, doing the 30 day challenge, stomach a little upset, thinking about the weekend.

The two mats over to my left were the 2 older heavyset gentlemen who showed up on Tuesday for their first class, so tonight was their second class!  I recognized them and went up to one of them before class and said, “Tuesday night was your first class right?”  He nodded.

“And you’re back for more tonight?  That’s awesome!”

His response, “I’m trying!”

One mat over to their left was another 30 day challenger, a young woman who usually does her classes in Stittsville, but comes out to the city once or twice a week for their classes.  This was her first yin class in 3 years and she was nervous!

Then there was the teacher, who just that very day had announced her engagement!  Her now-official fiance had showed up for the class, and when they were done cleaning the room from the previous class, he was the first one in the room looking for a spot for his mat 🙂


This is the thing about yoga, you start off learning the poses.  But as time goes on, you start to learn the little stories, you become more of a community.  Everyone is friendly and supportive, and it starts to feel like home, a place you could come to over and over.  The other sidenote about that handful of little stories?  All of them (me included) all found spots at the back of the class on purpose.  These people don’t feel like yoga stars, everyone has hesitation, everyone has doubt.  But when we come together, we fill the room with our energy and make the whole event happen.  All these little stories can add up into a strong community.


As for the practice itself?  It was 60 min of yin.  We did half-frogs and deer twists and neck stretches and some nice long pigeons and a few others.  An hour goes by quick!

Day 11 down!  Hope to have more to tell you soon!