As you attend a number of yoga classes, you hear a lot of reminders to show gratitude, be thankful, stay positive.  There are many advantages to this.  A positive mental attitude keeps you focused on your goals, it keeps your breathing steady, it keeps you from stressing out and drowning yourself in cortisol, etc.

And then some days you just want to flip the gym the bird, haha.

Here is a sad truth you must confront on your road to fitness.  As you commit yourself to a number of regular activities, you soon start to feel the grind set in.  For me specifically, I have a 30 day hot yoga challenge to fold in with my 4 day resistance training split.  It goes like this:

had a great yoga class?  great do it again tomorrow

mind-blowing weight session and yoga session that left you totally drained?  awesome, that’s how it’s supposed to feel, now do it again tomorrow.

feeling tired today? screw you, go to the gym.

feeling more tired today? screw you, go to the gym.

friends calling you out for awesome fun time?  is there a video game you are really eager to play?  a season finale you are dying to watch?  screw you, you don’t have time for any of those.  go to the gym.

dying to comfort yourself with salty sugary bliss?  double screw you, go to the gym.

feeling a little angry today at the gym?  but WHYYYYY??  be grateful!!

hahaha.  Let’s be brutally honest.  The gym is a demanding, jealous, spiteful asshole.  This month all I have time for is work and gym and yoga.  Weight loss is an even bigger asshole.  If I stray from the diet, I can almost guarantee no weight lost that week.  It’s like having a super comfy mattress that you can pile stuff on, but you are constantly warned that if you lie down on this mattress, you void the warranty and they can’t guarantee that it will be comfy any more.  I can run myself like a dog monday through wednesday, but a pop and some chips on thursday means I have noone to blame on friday if the needle stays put.  And that’s just how it is.  You are now hitched up to a jealous, crazy psycho girlfriend and you must walk the line or take two steps back.  (ladies, feel free to anthropomorphize your gym into an asshole boyfriend, haha)

It isn’t all horrible, some people love the shit out of this psycho relationship.  I call those people masochists.  I’m here because I don’t want to lose a foot to diabetes and ride around on a Rascal.  I have learned to “appreciate” the gym, but I also recognize the crazy nature of our society.  We subject everyone to a barrage of junk food and laziness, and then harp on them for not being gym rats.  It leads to some MAJOR personality disorders.  Weird relationships with food.  Like the people who will only eat junk food when noone is watching, and the floors under their car seats are littered with taco bell wrappers.  Like the superfit supermuscly gym warriors who, once a week, gorge themselves until they can’t move, and call it a “cheat day”.  None of this is healthy.  As human beings, we WANT to flood ourselves with calories, it’s how we pulled ourselves from the muck.  But now we are drowning in calories, and we respond by swinging back and forth from one extreme to another.  Depressingly few people I know have a healthy, balanced relationship with food.  It’s all guilt and fear.

Can you tell I didn’t want to go to yoga today?  So yeah, I went to yoga 🙂

It was a 90 min class, a mix of “yang” and yin, like 60 min of vigorous postures and 30 min of stretches.  did I like it?  not especially, I was clearly too morose to be grateful.  Oh well, any workout is better than no workout, right?  hahaha, that’s debateable.  so when the teacher asked us at the start of class to focus on one thing we were grateful for, I picked something, but about 45 min in, that gratitude was drowning in haterade.  I just couldn’t wait for it to end.  But on the other hand, I am stubborn, and want to “beat” this challenge, so you swallow your pride and put your head down and grind away, and hope for a sunnier day tomorrow.


Cross your fingers!  See you then!