After the Saturday rant, I needed to shake up the routine a bit and do some different stuff.  My trainer Leslie was offering a yoga class at 1 pm at the studio on Sundays, and I had been meaning to go for a while.

For a warmup I went for a brisk walk outside, and when I showed up, there were only 2 other attendees.  A bigger crowd is cool too, but having less people means a more personal vibe, better chance of adjustments from the teacher, and you get a sense of how everyone is doing.  I am used to crowds of about 45-60, so I was looking forward to something more intimate.

downward facing dog


With less people, it also meant more of a chance to pick the focus we were looking for.  Noone else was piping up, so I suggested since normally I do yin on Sunday, a mix of restorative and fundamentals might be good.  Inwardly, I sensed the other 2 people approved, haha.  Lazy Sunday yogz!

warrior I with a slight backbend

forward bend on triangle legs

lunge with a twist

I enjoyed the class a lot!  It is good to go back to the fundamentals every once in a while, and holding poses meant more photo opzzz 🙂  Looking at myself in these pictures, I can tell you that I probably need lots more fundamentals classes, haha.  Some of these pictures don’t look like they feel, that’s for sure!

is that how my pigeon looks?!??

I was doing sphinx, but when I saw the camera I switched to seal real quick, ha!

stretching out the ribs in child’s pose


side planks

Towards the end of class, while we were winding down, the ceiling above us started to shake.  Rhythmic pounding on the ceiling.  My guess was the church above us was having a dance recital, it seemed too late in the day for a spontaneous sermon dance-off.  We checked after class, turns out YUP the church was rehearsing “stomp” moves for their Christmas pageant.  They invited us to participate, I kind of prefer the yoga 🙂  Christmas yoga pageant!


the only way I can touch my head to my toes, haha

spinal twist

they say this is one of the hardest poses in yoga. seriously.

Wasn’t that nice of Leslie to take all those pics!  Without her, this blog would not be HALF as interesting!  Definitely go to her blog for more cool stuff:
I felt we just needed some outdoors shots, such a nice cool November day!

I felt Leslie’s half-moon looked cooler upside down!

lift that back arm, jackass!


See you soon!  The 30 day challenge enters week 3!