So the plan was to do chest and triceps in the morning, then work, then do some Forrest yoga at night.

Then I decided to stay up to watch Sons of Anarchy, haha.  Then I slept in the next morning.

So now the plan was to do yoga after work, then do some late night lifting.

All day at work, I felt a creeping fatigue setting in in my legs.  Looks like the workout yesterday might pay off some microtrauma dividends after all.  But it also sapped my energy further, and I never felt like I got that full night’s sleep.

Work went over by about 15 minutes, so I was rushing out the door and onto the bus to make it to the 5:30 class with Lisa.  I decided that since for weeks now I had been doing the 90 min Forrest class at 7:30, why not this week do a 75 min power flow class at 5:30?  You have to mix it up, can’t let myself get too comfortable.  Plus, I thought an earlier class afforded me the best shot to do some lifting later.

Class was pretty packed.  I settled in between two guys – one of which just placed his mat wherever he felt and not within the handy tape markings, and another guy who got all offended when I squeezed in between them.  Maybe he assumed he would be getting more personal space in a November hot yoga class?  Suck it up, buttercup!

Anyways, offended guy squeezed to the right so now his mat was out of whack.  Even before the class, I noticed that both of them had very aggressive breathing.  They were NOT relaxed.  I wondered if either they were both genuinely stressed out, or both just being affected greatly by the heat.  They both looked to be in decent shape, so why so serious?  I decided that this class I would make an extra effort to make it look effortless, I would be a calm moment of zen in this heavy breathing corner of the hot room.  If I felt I was getting sloppy and panting, I would back off, even if that means I wouldn’t look like an athlete.

As the class got underway, we were doing a series of planks, and I felt a pinch in my wrist.  So I backed off for a few minutes and did some wrist-stretching exercises on my own.  I missed a few side planks in the process, but oh well.  After that, my wrist felt better for the rest of class, so I was glad I did it 🙂

Even with the occasional break, the class was hard.  It was hot, sweaty, taxing.  Very quickly into class I realized that my energy levels were not very high, and I also guessed that if this class drains my battery any further, I would be headed to the gym to lift while I was totally worn out.  I don’t want that, I want to lift while my energy is high, I want to overload the muscle, not just go through the motions and burn calories.  So by about 40 min in to class, I resolved this would be my only workout for the day and chest gets pushed to Thursday.  so make the most out of this hot yoga class!

And the class was pretty challenging.  I rather enjoyed though when we were told to flip our dogs, which means you gotta step onto someone else’s mat… normally I don’t do it if the person beside me doesn’t do it, I don’t want to get all up in their bubble.  But then Lisa said, “maybe just do it tonight and introduce yourself to your neighbour”, or words to that effect.  I had a twinge of caprice, and decided that NOW was the perfect time to get into the space of huffy guy who got offended before class; so even though he wasn’t flipping his dog, I flipped over like a crab, planting one foot on his mat, arching my back and stretching my hand out.  hahaha, consider his world ROCKED.  I’m such a rebel 🙂

(I am probably imagining it, he is probably very nice and I am inventing drama, don’t take me seriously)

As the class wore on, and I was getting my butt kicked, I wondered, “wow this grind is getting to me.  I can’t remember the last time I came to a yoga class and just rocked it out, like it was no big deal.  every class feels greater than me.  my energy never feels like it has time to recover.  I haven’t been a yoga superstar in maybe over a week.  I am sitting out of stuff way too much, these moves are just wearing me down.  this 30 day challenge is just pulverizing me.”

And the class kept going, more cues, more poses, more stuff.  And then a funny thing happened, I started to just let it go.  I started to shed my attachment to looking pro, or sticking crow, or a perfect vinyasa flow.  I just did every pose I could because I just liked doing them.  And I started to feel really HAPPY.  It almost became joyous.  I was sweating my guts out, but enjoying the moment.  For the next half hour or so of class that was left, I just enjoyed the moment, like there was nowhere else to be.  I had finally worn out my stubbornness and ego through hard grinding practice, and suddenly felt REALLY GOOD about myself.

I think this 30 day challenge might be starting to work its magic on me!

After class I grabbed a quick shot of Lisa, and thanked her for the great class.  Lisa gave me a great shot, she tried to recreate her Lululemon poster, haha!

pretty close Lisa!

My tank was still pretty depleted, so I left the chest and triceps for another day, and came home to just relax, eat some good food, listen to music, type up this blog, and get to bed as early as I could!  I was dead tired today, but worked through it, and found some joy in the process.  Great Day 17!  See you tomorrow!