Brrr, it was cold last night!  I was shivering.  Had to throw the longjohns on.    When I woke up this morning, I realized why – a fresh layer of snow had blanketed the ground outside.  I think it might be our first serious snowfall of the year, not flurries that melt a few hours later.

The plan for today was get as much rest as I could, and head out to some Monday night hot yoga.  I knew I was beat up from the weekend madness, so I lay in the cut as long as I could.  I lazed around the morning, watched Dexter, headed into work, work was a mix of rushing around all morning and then sitting in on a 3 hour meeting in the afternoon.  Went to the grocery store after work, picked up some fresh eats, came home, cooked a steak, ate some beets tossed with a little olive oil and balsamic.  then buried myself under the blankets for a power nap 🙂  Slept for 45 min, woke up felt great!  Headed out to hot yoga (I made sure to reserve a spot, haha).

It was going to be a 90 min class, and once again, TOTALLY packed to the brim, waiting list, people stacked like firewood, pure pandemonium!

me, Tracy!

This is Tracy!  She wasn’t teaching the class, but I never see her around the studio any more, so I needed a pic!  So happy!  Tracy co-owns this studio and another one on the other side of town (Stittsville), and she usually holds down the fort there.  Tracy is great.  Another reason I was thrilled to see her for the first time in months, she is expecting again!  She is about 4 months along now, just starting to show, and seemed rather glowy to me 🙂

I caught up for a bit, then rushed into class, found a spot near the front (coincidence, I wasn’t making a statement, haha), and then we were underway.

I admit, this class was VERY tough on me.  I don’t know if it is the low carb diet, the sore shoulders from the workout yesterday, or a combo of both, but this class kicked my butt so hard I wanted to run for the door.  It wasn’t any pose specifically, but the time the heat and pose after pose got to me.

It was a 90 min Moksha sequence, basically the foundation of the whole studio, I knew the whole sequence quite well.  We were packed so close, there wasn’t a lot of room to move.  When we went into seated prayer twist and also into the twist on the crescent lunge, I kept my arms bound around me.  I could have propped them up into a prayer mudra (barely, I have big arms and a big stomach, it ain’t easy), but I quickly realized doing that would be causing sweat to roll off my arms onto my neighbour’s mat, so out of courtesy, I kept the bind around my torso, which makes the pose a little easier.

Yeah, it was probably my tired shoulders making me cranky, that has happened before.  I could barely hold pigeon, and I am usually able to fall asleep in that pose.  I wanted to beat my head against the ground, I was getting so frustrated.  A lot of negative emotions were welling up.

After pigeon we went into more seated twists, and I was getting all huffy, breathing angry and exasperated, frustrated, rolling my eyes.  Just being cranky!  When we went into final savasana, I couldn’t even lay still or close my eyes, I squeezed my face in my hands and started up at the sky for a while.  Just worn out and raw.  I think maybe I needed more rest, maybe even a day off.

This 30 day challenge, hot yoga every single day, 4-6 hours of pure weight training every week, plus another 2-3 hours of extra cardio every week, this has been one of the hardest training months of my life, no joke.  I have been training really hard for a man who is essentially 35% dough, ROFL.  This schedule would be appropriate for a UFC fighter or perhaps Batman, not for little ‘ole me.  I knew I was signing up for hell month, and I can make it, but I admit my feet are dragging every day now, and I look forward to taking a wee break real soon 😛

When I left the hot room, my yoga mat was saturated soaked drowned dead wet game over.  This is rather gross, but by the end of class I could slip & slide on it.  When I rolled it up to leave class, I had to turn it sideways or it would dribble all over the hot room floor.  I’m talkin shamwow levels of perspiration here, people!

My feet dragged hard in the change room, when I walked past the front desk staff, I shambled like a zombie, I shuffled home half dead, am typing this up, then I am going to go sleep for as long as life lets me 😛


Day 22 down!  pray for me!