The structure of today was very similar to yesterday.  Long day of work, late night yoga.  Tonight would be some hot Yin.

Showed up at the studio, Gigi was going to teach tonight’s Yin.

Gigi and Katherine!

That’s Katherine to Gigi’s left, she was working front desk.

60 min stretchy class, not very full, I think the rush has died down.  This class, Gigi was playing a lot of music, a lot of classical piano.  Is it bad I can only guess who composed those pieces?  The tunes are instantly recognizable, but I’m like…”ehhhh, Beethoven?  Mozart?  Handel?  beats the shit out of me”

The music was very calming, most tranquil, classy even.  That’s why I thought it was kind of funny that we were going through all these hip openers, which can be very stressful for people.  So while the piano tinkles softly in the background, two dozen people are going through mild agony in their hips, sweating and cursing to themselves 🙂  It made me think of Hannibal Lecter in Silence of the Lambs, busting out some Moonlight Sonata while he eats your face off, hahaha!  That duality of the beautiful and the horrible.

time for Dragon pose on the other leg, Officer Pembry

On another note, I think my new favorite combo is doing seated Butterfly while Claire de Lune plays in the background.  I mean, I have always liked that piece anyways, so getting to bust out some restorative spine decompression to it is just nothing but icing 🙂

So we did Child’s pose (not the restorative kind), then Dragon, then seated Butterfly, then Pigeon, then some prone spinal twists, then we did wall-assisted Waterfall (legs up against the wall).  And then it was over, just like that.

Overall, I found the class pretty relaxing and pleasant!  I was in the Yin zone… just semi-meditative and stressfree.  A nice end to my day 🙂

Day 25 down!  Gettin closer!