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2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 3,100 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 5 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

post-Xmas arm day

Yeah, I got pretty lazy for a few days there, did nothing on Christmas Day or Boxing Day, just drinking and eating and chaos and debauchery and shame and ruin.

And then I had work on the 27th!

work was empty, boring.  I had a few things I could do, but I didn’t want to go through my meagre workpile too quick, or else I really would be stuck.  Noone was in the office, just me.  Boring.  I kept hoping Jennifer Connelly would be found curled up in one of the cubicles, so we could go rollerskating, and foil a robbery.

This was my favorite movie when I was 14… well, it was either a toss up between this or Predator.

After work, I headed to the gym, wondering to myself if it would be crowded.  Seems not!  I guess people wait until New Years to commit to the gym.  I figured an arm day would be fun.




skullcrushers (90s rest b/w sets):  70 x 10, 10, 7, 6, 5, 6

seated two-hand extension (90s rest):  65 x 10, 10, 10, 10, 8, 9

bicep curl machine (90s rest):  90 x 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10

seated dumbbell curls (90s rest):  40 x 10, 7, 10, 10, 8, 7

cardio:  elliptical 40 min. 70% resistance, incline 9


notes:  I wasn’t entirely happy with how it went.  I don’t think I warmed up enough.  My focus could have been sharper, more intense, and I felt like I could have been a lot stronger.  Lately I have been playing around with my cardio component, and while in the past I saved cardio until last so I could have more total energy for the weights, I have noticed lately that I have better sessions when I do cardio FIRST.  The last few times I did the 40-60 min of cardio first, I just do better all around.  Like my most recent shoulder session, for example.  Seems counterintuitive, but I have to listen to what works for my body – cardio first from now on, for the foreseeable future.


Skullcrushers, I ran out of gas fast, but the extensions went a little better.  I was really happy with the curl machine! That was a success.  My mind wandered a bit during the dumbbell curls, so I rallied and did better after the second set.


Was that the last arm day of 2012?  So sad!  I will miss you, 2012 arm sessions.

For the majority of the week I had been feeling some discomfort in my right side.  I would feel it especially when I woke up.  It was enough to make me get up early, usually around 4 am, and stay up.  But once I started walking around, it was fine.  When I ate food, I didn’t feel any issues.  When I lifted weights or did cardio, no issues.  So I wasn’t entirely sure what it was, I just resolved to keep a look out for it.

Late Friday night, I was able to figure it out.  I had pulled some tiny muscle in my side.  Well, maybe pulled sounds too severe, it was some mild strain on a muscle in my side.






Was it the external oblique?  Not sure, that seems like an awfully big muscle.  Maybe the internal oblique?  The reason I think it might be the internal oblique was because I felt it at night when I sleep.  I toss and turn a lot when I sleep, often switching positions over and over during the night.  But it is winter, and I am wrapped in heavy blankets, they add resistance.  So it was when I was twisting my body around against the coccoon of blankets I was wrapped in, that I felt a fresh round of pain in my right side.  Rotations and side-bends are the job of the internal obliques, so ipso facto, my dear Watson!

This revelation also caused me to get up at 3 am, in pain.  I stayed up.  As the day progressed, I could also feel myself fighting off some flu kind of symptoms, some aches and pains of the non-DOMS variety were bleeding in to my chest DOMS from Friday.  Oh great, minor pull in my side abs, fighting off the flu, some DOMS.  Awesome!

I decided to just take care of myself Saturday.  Turned up the heat in my apartment, built a mound of blankets to drape my legs over so I would be less inclined to toss and turn, tried to mentally prepare myself to just sleeping on my back for a while, and relaxed.

Before I knew it, it was Sunday, the pain was less, but not gone, the flu was less, but not gone.  So I rested Sunday as well.

Before I knew it, it was 1 am leading into Monday.  I felt lots better.  I decided, oh good!  I will sleep in, get up go to the gym, have some fun.  And then it hit me like a brick, oh crap!  I have to work on Monday!  I normally go to sleep HOURS earlier on work nights, this wasn’t good.  All that weekend, for some reason I thought I wasn’t working Christmas Eve, even though I was.

So I popped a melatonin, went to sleep.  Woke up tired AS HECK hours later, tried to jump in the shower.  Oh look!!  No water!!  Awesome, maybe we blew a water main last night.  Life was conspiring against me.  Undaunted, I dragged my butt off to work.  It wasn’t horrible, actually, I had had a lot of rest that weekend, so I could handle one poor night’s sleep.  They let us go early from work, right around Noon.  I checked my local gym, it was open until 4 pm.  Score!!  I made my way over for some Xmas Eve gym fun.

I was tired, I hadn’t bathed in days, I was getting over various ailments and afflictions.  It would be so easy to go home and enjoy my Christmas Eve.  And yet here I was, time to workout.


shoulders & abs

Cardio:  1 hour elliptical

seated DB press:  (30 sec rest b/w sets)  100 x 18, x 7, x 4, x 6

DB lat raise:  (30 sec rest)  50 x 12, x 9, x 7, x 2

reverse cable flyes: (10 sec rest)  33 x 10, x 10, x 10, x 10, x 8, x 8, x 8, x 10, x 8, x 7

rope face pulls:  (10 sec rest)  50 x 10, x 10, x 10, x 10, x 9, x 10, x 9, x 10, x 9, x 9

superset upright row & shrug (1-4-2 cadence): (90 sec rest)  80 x 8/8, x 8/7, x 8/5, x 8/4

straight leg raises:  (45 sec rest)  20, 13, 14

superset double crunch and foot-to-foot crunch:  (30 sec rest)  10/30, 10/30, 10/30


notes:  I was pleasantly surprised at my progress on the dumbbell work from a week ago.  I smashed what I did last week!  I think my body just needed to get used to the strain of rest-pause work.  As for the 10 second rest cable work, those are still killer!  But they didn’t traumatize me like they did last week.  I think I am getting used to the grind.   Supergrind! 

It gets hard to bang out 10 in a row over and over, I tried to stay accountable for my form, since this is doing more than overloading a relatively small set of muscles, this is also building up my joints.  so as far as I was concerned, there was no rush.  So if I felt like that 10th rep was just sort of me throwing the weight around, and I wasn’t controlling it any more, then I didn’t count it.  This weight was too light for me to be yanking it around and cheating, this was slow grindy isolation work, form is king.

When it was time for the upright rows and the shrugs, I used the same weight but went right from the rows to the shrugs.  this is super light weight for the shrugs, so I used a real slow count:  up, hold it up for 4 seconds, lower it for 2 seconds.  To keep the tempo going in my mind, I would lift, hold it up top for 2 seconds, pack my shoulders back and hold for 2 seconds, then lower for 2.  I was able to keep the rows going, but my traps were burning when it was time for the shrugs!  I was real happy, that was what I wanted to achieve, I wanted to pre-tire them with a compound before breezing right into the isolation, and not even putting down the bar between exercises really keeps the tension on.  The shrugs became less and less, but this wasn’t a shrug contest, I might do that next week.  This was kind of me taking it through a range of motion and keeping the contraction going.

My only thought on that trap superset is that the barbell became very awkward.  I always pay close attention to how I do my upright rows, since I don’t want to screw my shoulder up again, and maybe dumbbells would allow me a freer and more natural positioning as I raise the weight up.  As for the shrugs, when I would pack my shoulders back, the barbell would bang into my abs and rub against me on the way down.  Dumbbells wouldn’t get in the way like that.  So next time I do this, will probably break out the DBs again.

Doing foot to foot crunches was a bold choice really, since I didn’t know how my obliques were doing.  But I gave them a try and guess what?  They felt fine.  Too easy.  I will still sleep on my back tonight just to be sure.

touch your heels back and forth with your shoulders off the floor

               That’s it!  Did you work out for Christmas Eve?  I would love to read about it!  Happy Holidays!

Snowstorm Workout

Woke up this morning to a small blizzard – the last Friday before Christmas. I don’t mind getting a white Christmas, but jeez, it’s a work day! I gotta travel in this?



After work, I headed to the gym for an upper body day with Leslie!  I got there a little early, so I did some cardio for a while, gotta get that cardio in!

elliptical for 60 min

bench press:  115×15, 145×12, 165×10, 165×10


incline flys:  80×10, x10, x10


assisted closegrip pullups:  8, 6, 6 (with some slow negatives at the end)


Leslie wanted to jump in and show me how it's done!

Leslie wanted to jump in and show me how it’s done!

T-Bar Row:  140×15, x12, 165×10, x10

happy face!

happy face!

mean muggin

mean muggin

widegrip cable pulldowns:  200×10, 220×10, 240×10


notes:  That was my first time using a barbell for bench press.  I usually don’t have a spotter, and the dumbbells let me feel out my shoulder, but this was a nice change.  I am stronger with the barbell than dumbbells, as most people are.  You spend extra energy stabilizing the dumbbells, and your upperbody can compensate for slight dips in energy on either side.

One note when you bench press with a barbell, try crushing the bar with your hands, like you are trying to bend it into a boomerang.  This engages your forearms and your core, and you will pop out a few more reps.  I can’t do 2 sets of 10 with 80 pound dumbbells, not yet, so the barbell was an improvement.

The flys were a nice new weight for me to push on.  They were tough!  I barely got through them.  At least with good form.  Any chucklehead can do them if he keeps his elbows bent 90 degrees, which is a cheat.

Don’t believe me?  Let the man, Scooby Werkstatt, set you straight!

And that was that!  Some snow, some cardio, some chest and back work!  Leslie heads out for Christmas vacation, so the workouts are all mine to play with for a week.  Let’s see what kind of trouble I can get myself into…

Press, Pump and Pull

I went to the gym after work, with a few possibilities on my mind. I wanted to do arms, mainly. My chest also felt a little underworked this week. And I said I was going to be casually doing more pullups. So let’s see what I can do in an hour?

dumbbell flat press: (2 min rest b/w sets) 120×16, 140×12, 160×8, 180×4, 160×3, 140×8, 120×11
(from now on, 60 sec or less between sets and exercises)
closegrip dumbbell press: 110 (w/ 5 sec negative) x 10, 60×25
straight bar pushdown: 70 (w/5 sec neg) x10, 40×25
one arm dumbbell extension: 30 (w/5 sec neg) x 4/8, 20 x 9/11
curl machine: 80 (w/5 sec neg) x 10, 50×25
one arm cable curl: 50 (w/5 sec neg) x 10/10, 30 x 15/20
zottman curls: 30 (w/ 5 sec neg) x 5/5, 20 x 10/10
assisted pullups: wide grip x 5, closegrip x 6, hammer grip x 5

cooldown cardio: elliptical, 80% resistance, incline 9, 30 min

notes: I had a lot of stuff I wanted to do, but I didn’t want it to take more than hour, as the work starts to get counter productive around the 60-90 min mark (plus I get cold, hungry and sloppy). The weight portion clocked in at 55 min, score!!
I took more time between chest sets so I could try and build some strength. I had been really hoping to press the 100 lb dumbbells, but I wasn’t confident with the 90s, so I went back down the ladder. My shoulder felt a little sore my second time pressing the 80s, so I stopped and rested right away, as you can see I only did 3 reps of those. I think I am getting a little stronger, gradually.
The arm sets were designed to achieve a “pump” to try and encourage blood to fill the muscles, get a little size. So a slow negative set (super slow!) followed by a high rep set right away. By the 3rd exercise for each body part, your muscles will be used up and burning!
I couldn’t get the pushdown cable spot I wanted, I like the one where you can adjust the pulley a little lower. I had to use the one where the pulley stays up high. I find that one a little awkward, so my weight suffered as a result. Whatever, I still got a pump near the end.
With the one arm exercises, I didn’t take a specific “rest”, I just went back and forth arm to arm, slow set to slow set to pump set to pump set. Those wore me out like crazy, you see my reps go down on those just because the muscles were toast. I took slightly longer than 60 sec after those specific exercises to recover, so I think it all balanced out in the end. I also notice my right arm seems a little stronger than my left! hmmm, good thing I did those one arm exercises so I can notice the imbalance.
One arm db extensions and zottman curls at the end of the routine are rough! I didn’t get even close to the reps I wanted to achieve, I didn’t do as well as I had hoped, but it felt really good. In my defence, my triceps were tired from the presses, and my biceps were trying to save some juice for the pullups 🙂

And that was that! How was your day? Any good workouts?

It Never Gets Easier

When you start out, it is wise to take your fitness slowly. You don’t jump in too deep too early, and overwhelm yourself – which would make you crash and give up and get extra UNfit. You EASE your way in.

But the flip side of that is that you are always ramping up. It never gets easier. I guess I had hoped it would be like boiling a lobster – I wouldn’t notice the heat rising until I am a fully cooked model of fitness. Sadly, it is the opposite, every new degree burns and scalds you.

That sounds grim. But after coming out the other end of the 30 day hot yoga challenge, after taking a vacation for a week, I have come back to find my workouts are waiting for me, ready to kick my butt. And there are always ways to tweak my progress, to turn up the heat a little more.

The shoulder workout on Sunday was tough! I felt roughed up the next day (today, aka Monday). My tank felt dry and I dragged my feet a lot at work. But it wasn’t a rest day, I had leg day with Leslie! And I forgot my preworkout at home! Blast it!

I dragged myself in, and warned Leslie I felt “bombed and depleted”, 2 shades short of half in the bag. She patted me on the shoulder, and proceeded to take me through a rogue’s gallery of the most draining leg exercises (most draining for me).


warmup on elliptical
squats: 135 x 12, 155 x 12, 155 x 12
step-ups with knee raise and 35 lb dumbbells: 12, 12, 12 (each leg)
vertical leg press: 360 x 12, 12, 12, 12
lunges with 25 lb dumbbells: 10, 10, 10 (each leg)
bent leg raises followed by double crunches: 10/10, 10/10, 10/10
side planks: 30 sec each side x 3

notes: maybe step-ups and lunges aren’t draining for you, but I am big and heavy, more grizzly bear than jungle panther, so they were draining for me… and that’s why Leslie picked them, haha. Anything involving throwing my bodyweight around is tougher than laying down and pushing iron – I would rather leg press 360 pounds over and over than do step ups with 35 lb dumbbells, lol!

Leslie said she was “taking it easy on me” by only doing 3 sets of squats. It was a trap!! It meant more step ups and lunges. (Actually, we did 4 sets of leg press, so it wasn’t all punishment.)

After the legs, some ab/core work. Although sadly, I still felt my thighs burning during the double crunches, I think it was because my legs were suspended in the air.

instead of working out, how about a pic of me catching my breath?

instead of working out, how about a pic of me catching my breath?

yes, yes, more leg press!

yes, yes, more leg press!

I struggled to maintain my good mood. When I tried to stay upbeat, Leslie would remind me that I need to tighten up my diet. I eat too much bread 😦 But it’s so delicious! I gave up pasta and rarely have rice, but bread remains a pleasure.

After dragging myself out of the gym, did I mention it had been freezing rain all night? Walking on sheer ice with wobbly tired legs is no treat, I promise! When I made it home, I wanted some bread so bad! I could swear I NEEDED it to reward myself for my hard work, to buoy my mood, to cheer me up, to relax. But I decided, “I was already in pain, why not reap the rewards and eat clean?” So no bread, instead some chicken, some veggies.

Looks like it’s gonna be a cold night tonight, gonna huddle under the blanket and hope for a sunny day tomorrow. But I won’t be surprised if it doesn’t get any easier.

The plan for today was spin, then some shoulders, and if I felt like I had the juice left then do some arms, maybe yoga later on?

Showed up for some Sunday morning spin with Andrea.  The class wasn’t very full!  I think the November rush has fizzled out and now people are shopping and partying.  But wait for January!  It will be pandemonium. (no neighbour today, he had a brunch)

Spin class was good as always, went through the regular routine:  warmup races, some harder races, some standing climbs and power climbs, mixed terrain, intervals, another long race, one more good climbing song (climbing mixed with downhill races), then a cooldown song, some stretches.  I think Andrea might have been rockin out too hard to the intervals song, she knocked the iPod off the shelf, and we just kept biking along until it was all set up again (to her credit, she got the timing exactly right on the next stage of the spinwork when the music kicked back in, so the train didn’t derail entirely).  The song she was rocking out too much to?  Brick by Boring Brick.

I was feeling good and sweaty and warmed up after that 60 min class, so I went to do some shoulders!  The name of the game today was limited rest:  short short rests between sets, heavier lifts mixed with lighter lifts.


seated dumbbell presses:  100 x 13, 8, 5, 3, 4 (30 sec rest for the first 2 breaks, 45 sec rest for the last 2 breaks)

dumbbell lateral raises:  50 x 10, 8, 5, 5, 2 (30 sec rest at each break)

cable reverse flys:  55 x 10, 5, 5, 6  33 x 7, 7, 7, 8, 8, 7  (10 sec rest each break only!)

cable face pulls (using rope):  38 x 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10  (10 sec rest each break)

dumbbell shrugs:  160 x 10, 10, 8, 7  (30 sec rest each break)


notes:  this workout was brutal!  I needed a few minutes between each exercise just to recompose myself.  After those reverse flys especially, I could barely lift my arms.  I scrapped my arms plans and crawled out of the gym to escape home and hide, I was traumatized.  After a few hours of rest at home, I also scrapped my yoga plans, rest and recover was sorely needed.  I didn’t injure myself, but goddamn!  It was rough.

With the seated presses, it was hard just swinging the dumbbells up to my shoulders (by the way, when I type 100 with dumbbells, I mean 2 x 50 lb dumbbells.  If I was pressing 100 lb dumbbells, I would take a picture, haha!  That’s just how I type it, 2 x 80 lb dumbbells for the shrugs, for example.  I report the total weight.)

Those seated presses were pretty hard.  I mean, the first set is ALWAYS very doable.  But with a limited rest, it all goes downhill QUITE fast, lol.  I even increased the rest to 45 sec, and still I couldn’t pop them up any more.

The lat raises were also quite hard, but I had been doing a lot of drop sets with those lately, so it wasn’t all that draining.

For the reverse flys and the face pulls, I wanted to go light and go even MORE often:  10 sets of 10, with 10 sec rest between each set!  I thought 55 lbs was light with the flys, but I was WRONG.  Even by set 2 I was failing out.  After 4 sets of mediocrity, I dropped the weight by 33% and the reps went up a bit, but not for long.

Actually you saw the reps go up from 7 to 8 by the eighth set, not because I was rallying for energy, but because I was accidentally taking longer than 10 seconds, lol.  I was trying to keep track of sets and reps in my head, and I needed to repeat it a few times to myself or I would have totally been lost.  I should have been writing them down, but 10 sec isn’t a lot of time!

The other problem is that I wanted to stay ready, and since it is awkward gathering the cables with the opposite hand, I just hung onto them between sets.  This meant the cables were still pulling on my arms a little between sets, so the rest still had some tension to it, and my arms were tied up holding onto the cables and I couldn’t write anything down.

At any rate, that exercise killed me!  My shoulders ached and burned pretty good, even if I couldn’t keep it at 10 sec rest.

For the face pulls, I dropped the weight a little more than planned, considering how tough the flys were.  That was a good idea, I was able to bust out 10 sets of 10, MUCH easier to keep track of in your head, haha.

While I was finishing up with some shrugs, I saw that same old guy who does all the f’ed up moves screwing around some more with the lat pulldowns.  At first I thought he was trying to do straight arm pulldowns, but then I saw him put his feet against the edge of the seat and then lean back and try to do face pulls…. um, WTF.  I’m sure it sounded good in his head, but to look at it executed, he looked like he was about to be catapulted by the pulldown machine across the gym.  Might I add he also could barely lower the weight back down without faceplanting into the machine.  I started to get a little mad, since he was being so stupid, and risking not only injury to himself, but to others around him.  I should really talk to staff about him.


And that was the WOD!  Time to announce I went to the gym on FB, like every other tool, HAHAHA!  Later!

post-vacation upper body day

The first serious workout after a vacation is always a mix of enthusiasm and caution.  You want to test things out, see how they feel, but you also have all this extra energy and when you get loosened up, you feel ready to go heavier.

I had been experiencing insomnia ever since I returned.  For 2 nights in a row I couldn’t sleep at night, only in the early hours of the morning; like I would sleep from 6 am til 11 am.  Not acceptable.  I didn’t indulge the coffee habit though, I wanted to finish off a good offcycle.  But by Day 2 I needed a normal sleep, and I needed to be productive at work.  So I bought some Melatonin, 10 mg.  It worked wonders!

Friday morning was my first normal morning in a while, feeling refreshed and solid.  But my sternum felt sore.  Many years ago I sprained the cartilage on my sternum, and only in the past 5 or 6 years did I feel confident in my chest’s ability to press weight again.  But I recognized the signs of soreness.  I think I have been rolling my shoulders back too much lately – I do it to practice form for my rear delt exercises, but I am overdoing it, and it is stretching my sternum out too much too often.

The pain wasn’t bad, just a warning signal.  It’s funny, I have gotten stung going too far in either direction – throw my shoulders back too much and I sprained my sternum.  I started rolling my shoulders forward too often, and years later I sprain the front of my shoulder from overuse.  I start learning to “pack” my shoulders again and I start to feel it in my sternum again…  it is a fine line to walk.

But I otherwise felt fine, took an anti-inflammatory and went to work.  I left work early, came home, had some food, rested up, and prepped for a workout with Leslie.  I wanted to blow this workout away, I was hungry for it.  I took my first scoop of PWO in weeks (hour before the workout), and my first caffeine boost in like 10 days.  The effect was great!  By the time the workout started I was both full of energy and super-upbeat.

I think cycling off caffeine every few months is a great idea.  You might have to adjust the specifics for yourself, but when you feel like your usual caffeine boost isn’t doing it for you any more, don’t up the dosage, just go off caffeine for a week or two, then start back on at a low dosage.  The first few days off caffeine are painful, but in my opinion it’s better than continuing to up the amounts until you are a coffee maniac.  I am going to get back on the cycle by only taking caffeine before workouts, then I might work my way up to one cup of coffee a day even on offdays, do that for a few months, then drop it for a few weeks.  Make the caffeine serve you, you don’t serve the caffeine.

On to the workout!  Upper Body Day, we did some contract renewal, then some chest and back.

Warmup on the elliptical

DB chest press:  warmup, 140×10, 150×8, x10

nice half-smile, jackass

nice half-smile, jackass

Cable Flys:  80×12, 100×12, 120×12

Leslie likes this photo!

Leslie likes this photo!

Band-assisted Widegrip Pullups:  10, 8, 6

the lopside at the bottom of the movement shows off my shoulder sprain

the lopside at the bottom of the movement shows off my shoulder sprain

T-bar Row:  115×15, 140×12, 165×10, x10


we use the v-bar grip on the bar

we use the v-bar grip on the bar

Widegrip Pulldowns:  200×12, 220×12, 240×12



cooldown:  a minute on the battle ropes

notes:  I had energy for days!  We were tentative with the weights to see how my sternum felt, but each time Leslie asked me if I wanted to go heavier, I said hell yes!  I know I am capable of more with the chest press, but Leslie promised we could break out the 80 lb dumbbells next time, so I got those 100s in my sights!  Gunnin for that #1 spot!

I much prefer doing flys with the dumbbells over the cables, but this was safer on my sternum, so we chose this route.  It felt pretty good towards the end, so it was the right choice.

My pullups were ok, I think I might have to try doing them more often just for practice.  Not necessarily even a full set, I just need to “grease the groove” a little bit, as Pavel Tsatsouline would say.  It’s a way of encouraging neural adaptation through repetition.

Now, I don’t think I have the schedule or the facilities to be doing assisted pullups a half dozen times, during a half dozen different breaks over my day, over a half dozen days of the week.  That would be only possible if I could do a regular pullup, hahaha.  My concession is that I will try to throw in a few pullups somewhere each time I show up at the gym.  Cross your fingers!

Overall, a great workout!  I always love upperbody day, but it feels like I smashed this one, so mission accomplished!

Weeklong Retreat

Well, I’m back!  The very same day as I wrapped up my 30 day challenge, I booked a flight up into the mountains to visit family.  No internet, no cellphone coverage, totally cut off from the civilized world, just me and the fresh air.  And sleep, LOTS of glorious sleep.  I mostly slept.  Home cooked food, no supplements, lots of water, air and sleep.  Drove into the nearby town a few times to hit the gym, so I didn’t totally decompose, but just 2 relatively light fullbody workouts in that 1 week of time.

Sometimes you need a week to recover and reset and retreat and revitalize.  This was my week off.  Not a week to eat junk food, just to rest.  And did I mention it was cold?  Minus 30 without the windchill, yikes!  I tried to go for a few walks, but after about 15 min, I was like FORGET THIS.  So I went on a few realllly short walks, shovelled snow, split logs for the fire, took some pics!

the view at the airport when I arrived

the view at the airport when I arrived

the view out the back door

the view out the back door

our little village

our little village

after a few days, the coldsnap broke and the lake thawed some

after a few days, the coldsnap broke and the lake thawed some

the dogs, my new best friends!

the dogs, my new best friends!


Anyways, I am back and ready to start working out for real again!  I know this wasn’t really a workout-type post, but there will be many of those to come in the near future.  Thanks for reading!

Day 30 – Victory!

30 day challenge completed, yessss!

I did a 6 am flow class in the hot room this morning, then a quick 40 min “Push” session with Leslie.

I would write more, but I am late for my next great adventure!  Just wanted to type this so you wouldn’t be left hanging.  30 day challenge over!  Next chance I get I will upload pics.



after the yoga class w Paula

after the yoga class w Paula

happy baby leg press?

happy baby leg press?

some chest presses

some light chest presses

real light shoulder work, I was about done

real light shoulder work, I was about done

almost out of energy

almost out of energy

yup! out of energy

yup! out of energy