I hadn’t been to the gym so long I was chomping at the bit.  Leslie had agreed to set up a session with me Saturday at 10 am.  I decided to take the bus.  So I show up at the bus station with 40 min to get there, figured that was enough time.  Hmmm, the usual weekday bus I take to the studio isn’t running, the #148.  So OK, what’s the next bus headed past the Billings Bridge mall?  The #8.  OK, get on that.

Turns out the #8 is a slow boat ride through Hell!  Just a meandering path through every neighborhood you can imagine, then it shoots PAST the mall, explored more neighborhoods.  I am late at this point, I have texted Leslie my apologies, I am fuming and raging inside my head, making faces while the old ladies on the bus stare at me.  #8 eventually gets to the mall, stops its route.  So I get out and hoof it for the 10-15 min walk to the studio.  It is rather cold out too.  I end up hopping a fence and walking down a sidewalk in disrepair, even though the bus people clearly left a sign there saying if you walk here we will fine you $150.  This is with all the transit cops sitting in their cars staring at me, lol!  At this point I didn’t give a crap.  But they ignored me.  Maybe the sign is out of date.  And the kicker?  As I get close to the studio, the #148 goes driving by me… wtf

I made it to the studio 30 min late!!!  Leslie said hi, I just breezed past her into the change room, I was just so mad.  Got changed, came out, told Leslie, “I just can’t f-ing win!  All week!”  I just ranted for a bit.  Leslie, in her mercy and grace, said we could work out from 10:30 to 11:30, and we wiped out the late factor.  I have lost count of how many times she saved my bacon this week 🙂

Leg Day:

warmup 10 min cardio on the elliptical – AKA clean the ranting out of me

Walking Lunges – bodyweight x20, holding 40 lbs x20, x20

Box Squats:  135 x12, 155 x12, 185 x12


Vertical Leg Press:  360 x12, x12, x12

doing some abwork/scissor kicks in between sets

doing some abwork/scissor kicks in between sets

leg curls off the hanging straps (aka lifting your butt and bringing your leg in):  x12, x12, x12


sissy squats:  BW x10, x10, x10

Notes:  This workout felt really good actually!  My mood quickly improved and stayed high the whole time.  I guess I was just really overdue for some resistance training 🙂  For the squats, we were working on my form, but I was in such a good mood, I asked if we could up the weight to 185.  185 for 12 was a goal of mine, and we hit that EASY!  I was really happy about that actually.  I know it isn’t a lot in the grand scheme of squats, but it is a milestone for me.  I have now set the next milestone at squatting 225 for a full set, that’s 2 plates on each side.  I will let you know how that goes.

This workout was pretty quick, about 50 min, but we needed time to go to the office and measure my weight and my dimensions,  Final results?  I have lost 20 pounds!  And over 8 inches!  20 pounds in 10 weeks?  Maybe I watch too much Biggest Loser, I keep expecting more.  But that’s 2 pounds a week, which is a healthy, sustainable weight loss.  Leslie was ecstatic, it’s exactly the results she wanted to see.  I have to admit, I was pretty happy too 🙂

By the way, for the record, here is a pic of Leslie’s new shoes.  (I think she was confusing my phone with her phone)

Sponsored by Mountain Dew!

Sponsored by Mountain Dew!

Headed home, cleaned my place, ate some food, generally relaxed.  I had an evening yoga class to go to, a live dj 60 min power flow class!    With snacks and prizes after!  It was geared towards the 30 day challenge participants, but everyone was invited.  I told Leslie about it, and she was all over that!  So I get a yoga buddy to boot!  Cool!

Show up for 7 pm class, and rush in, find our spots.  Paula was teaching this class, with Tracy providing adjustments, and DJ Alex hooking us up with fresh beatz.

Tracy, me and Leslie before class

Tracy, me and Leslie before class

after class - Paula, Tracy, Alex, me in front

after class – Paula, Tracy, Alex, me in front

The class was pretty good!  The music was a little quieter than the other time, not bad, a little upbeat.  I know Leslie was groovin out to it the whole time 🙂

I myself normally shy away from music clesses, but they are good every once in a while.  And with Paula and Tracy teaching, there were adjustments ALL OVER the place!  Makin ALL KINDZ OF GAINZ, as the youtube says.  Paula was leading the class, and Tracy was focusing on adjustments, but Paula jumped in and helped a few people too.  That class of 40 really made out like bandits with the adjustments.  At one point I looked over and Paula was straddling Leslie before lifting her hips up and back into downward dog.  Hawt!  Tracy gave me a back rub during a forward fold, and also helped straighten my spine during the wide leg forward fold, helped guide my shoulders up during a lunge, etc.  Thanks Tracy!

I also find Paula has a calming influence around me during balance poses.  When she is nearby, my trees get more stable and my dancers poses get stronger.  Must be a desire to either be more graceful, or not flail out and smack her, that would be bad 🙂  It could also be the “Kohler Effect”, sometimes having the right people around during a workout helps you find your edge.  A weak person gets stronger around a stronger person during their workout.  Science proves it!



The movements were a little quicker to match the music, but also helped build heat before the deeper moves.  For example curling the knee up to the chest to build heat in the hips before the warriors.  And taking the arms through an up down range of motion to build up heat before the exalted warriors and triangles.

At one point we were in Exalted Warrior and were asked to transition to half moon in one breath… which took me by surprise, and I stumbled!  No Kohler Effect there, sorry Paula!  It is like going from bending all the way backwards on your back leg to bending all the way forward and balancing on just your front leg, quite the paradigm shift!  When we did it on the other side, I was able to hold it, but it was really cool to string moves together like that.  There may be a finite number of yoga asanas, but you can chain them together in infinite ways.  And they all affect you differently.

It’s like music.  There are only so many chords, but you can chain them together in infinite ways, you could spend your whole life listening to music, and never hear all the possible combinations.  There are only so many tastes or flavours of food, but you could never taste all the different combinations.  Infinite possibilities.

So yeah, this class exposed me to a few new combinations 🙂

After class, time for snacks!  Sushi, cookies, chicken spring rolls, there might have been cupcakes somewhere too 🙂

Then they started drawing prizes!  Woot!  They awarded gift cards for those who attended the Moksha studio every single day, for those who took in a ton of morning classes, for those who took in a ton of latenight classes, for those who came with a buddy the most, and then a big draw out of the bowl of names!  As for yours truly, I won the late-night attendance award, the “Night Owl”!  Score!  And then Paula drew names from the big bowl, and I won the big draw!!  Double score!  I walked away with $170 in gift cards 🙂  Pretty generous prizes to include with snacks and an awesome dj class, if you ask me.

So, I went home, full and happy.  I think Saturday was full of win.  I had an awesome leg workout, lost weight, awesome yoga class, won prizes!  Just a perfect day 🙂