Woke up this morning to a small blizzard – the last Friday before Christmas. I don’t mind getting a white Christmas, but jeez, it’s a work day! I gotta travel in this?



After work, I headed to the gym for an upper body day with Leslie!  I got there a little early, so I did some cardio for a while, gotta get that cardio in!

elliptical for 60 min

bench press:  115×15, 145×12, 165×10, 165×10


incline flys:  80×10, x10, x10


assisted closegrip pullups:  8, 6, 6 (with some slow negatives at the end)


Leslie wanted to jump in and show me how it's done!

Leslie wanted to jump in and show me how it’s done!

T-Bar Row:  140×15, x12, 165×10, x10

happy face!

happy face!

mean muggin

mean muggin

widegrip cable pulldowns:  200×10, 220×10, 240×10


notes:  That was my first time using a barbell for bench press.  I usually don’t have a spotter, and the dumbbells let me feel out my shoulder, but this was a nice change.  I am stronger with the barbell than dumbbells, as most people are.  You spend extra energy stabilizing the dumbbells, and your upperbody can compensate for slight dips in energy on either side.

One note when you bench press with a barbell, try crushing the bar with your hands, like you are trying to bend it into a boomerang.  This engages your forearms and your core, and you will pop out a few more reps.  I can’t do 2 sets of 10 with 80 pound dumbbells, not yet, so the barbell was an improvement.

The flys were a nice new weight for me to push on.  They were tough!  I barely got through them.  At least with good form.  Any chucklehead can do them if he keeps his elbows bent 90 degrees, which is a cheat.

Don’t believe me?  Let the man, Scooby Werkstatt, set you straight!

And that was that!  Some snow, some cardio, some chest and back work!  Leslie heads out for Christmas vacation, so the workouts are all mine to play with for a week.  Let’s see what kind of trouble I can get myself into…