How was everyone’s Christmas and New Years?  Despite working, I rather enjoyed myself.  Ate too much junk, it’s true, but I also did a bit of reflecting.


2012 was a tough year for me, physically.  I started the year at one of my lowest weights in a long time, and I had rededicated myself to a lot of vigorous yoga practice, with some weight training here and there.  But a lot of that weight loss was through heavy “cleanses”, mixed with nonstop physical activity.  It was not sustainable.  Soon into the year I sprained my shoulder through overuse, which has defined my year ever since.  I fell out of yoga somewhat, I put weight back on, and I started to define myself by what I could not do.  I would try to pick up the pieces, but I was timid about what my shoulder was capable of doing.  My train had been badly derailed.

But that was just the physical practice.  I also met a number of great people, really inspiring and active people.  In 2012 I got involved with a number of charity activities.  I did a marathon spin class for children’s fitness.  I worked a street festival raising money for women’s issues overseas.  I donated to a number of causes.  Whatever holes were left by my physical practice I tried to fill with my deeds.

But still the physical practice was bleeding and hurting.  I started a new job in 2012, one much closer to a gym, and I began to teach myself more about what was possible with my muscles.  I learned how more does not always equal better.  I experimented with volume and rest and tempo and time under tension.  I started to work around what I could not do, and adapted into what I could do.

By the Fall, I was eager to get back into yoga, and I signed up for a 30 day hot yoga challenge.  I failed out a few weeks in, it was too much for my shoulder.  But again I had met so many great people, and one of them was a physical trainer, so I finally decided to ask for help.  By October I had a trainer helping me with my form, helping me build a regimen, and most of all nursing my motivation back to health while I built myself back up.  I worked on my diet (still working!) and gradually I cleaned myself up, started losing weight instead of gaining weight again.

In November I signed up for another 30 day hot yoga challenge, and I am proud to say I passed that one with flying colours and a perfect record, won a medal or two.  My confidence has been rekindled, and I look forward to the possibilities in the new year.


And throughout it all, I shared it all on this blog.  I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it.

2012 was a “rough” year for me, and here is to hoping 2013 turns things around.  Best wishes to you all as well.